The Garifuna – A Hybrid Culture (Documentary) | Kickstarter Campaign

What is the documentary about?
Its about the Garifuna people that not only reside in Belize, but also in Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua.  There are immigrant communities throughout the U.S. as well.  The Garifuna are a hybrid culture with both West African and indigenous Caribbean roots.  The genesis of their culture was a direct result of the African slave trade and the intermarriage between the Arawaks, Caribs and West African people.  They’re only about 600,000 Garifuna worldwide.  Uniquely this group is recognized by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and the World Heritage Convention.
This is definitely worth your time so check into it.
Professor Ajani Brown explains his creation and involvement.
I will be the host/narrator, basically the face and voice of the project who will be featured in the film.
What exactly will be filmed?
We will conduct interviews with local artists, scholars and cultural experts.  Then we’ll film the musical performances of Punta Rock – the signature genre of the Garifuna.  Still further, we’ll cover traditional dance styles such as the Junkanoo.  Plus we will meet with local chefs to learn how they prepare culturally specific cuisines.  Additionally, we’ll visit historical sites which will provide a greater context to the history and heritage of the Garifuna people.

What I'm Doing Right Now Episode 26 Kickstarter Part 1 – YouTube

I recently got a string of question from Josh Nelson founder of Project Tara. He was asking about Kickstarter. Unfortunately, he wrote the questions on the same day that he was launching. I didn’t realize this until Episode 28 of these three videos. What I am saying in this series I hope will help someone else, but unfortunately he launched before I responded and he really could have benefited from my answers. Anyway, all of his information can be found on the YouTube page and in each of these three videos. I will place it here as well if you feel compelled to support him.  There are a few things that I failed to do in the series and that is to actually analyze his project that he is running. The first big issue with his project is his video. I like that it shows the story, but on Kickstarter the people are supporting the creator. They want to know you. His video starts and 3 minutes in there is still nothing about the creator. Really bad move… I really expect questions if you are considering running a Kickstarter because I don’t hit on everything. Here is Josh’s website:

What I'm Doing Right Now Episode 19 Q and A with Coach WB – YouTube

This is a long but video but I broke it down by Questions here in the description so you can click to the questions by number. Click through to YouTube and the minutes are hyperlinks that can take you to each question.
Question 1 – How should I approach and monetize my film project? Starts at 1:31

Question 2 – My current school I’m coaching for is a new tuition based prep and it is getting virtually all of my time but we haven’t raised any money yet. Therefore, there is no salary involved. Great service to the kids, bad for my household. Your thoughts on fundraising options? Kickstarter? Also, how to connect with coaches in a greater way. Starts at 6:34

Question 3 – How have you handled being an entrepreneur when things got tight? How did your wife support you? How tempted were you to go back to a 9-5 gig? Starts at 13:44

Question 4 – Your thoughts on generational curses? Starts at 19:14

Question 5 – How to monetize the Youtube videos and websites. Does it really work? Starts at 21:22

What I'm Doing Right Now Episode 7: Boxing

videobannerNot that kind of boxing… I’m boxing the first pair of the ARCH TR-114 Runner LE shoe. As I’ve said before I’m just showing the process of launching a brand. If you dig it, share it. If you have any questions, write em. Want to see more info on the sneaker release visit

Business: How I Successfully Overfunded My Kickstarter Goal by $28,000 | Maker’s Row Blog

We launched the OpenFrame Kickstarter campaign almost  two years ago and received an overwhelming response. We crushed our $40,000 funding goal and by the end of the campaign we raised over $68,000. We were pumped. The months of work all seemed worth…

Source: How I Successfully Overfunded My Kickstarter Goal by $28,000 | Maker’s Row Blog

I absolutely had to share this information from Maker’s Row. I’m not asked very often about how my Kickstarter worked out. Then again I do a very poor job of self promotion. While I didn’t encounter any problems when I ran my Kickstarter and I had one of the fastest shipped shoes/product that ever funded on Kickstarter, I can see how these guys encountered all of these issues. Hell, even a guy that I was in business with prior to ARCH ended up with one of the worst Kickstarter experiences for his backers. (I won’t put that info here since that’s not cool to talk about people, but man the comments his backers made were brutal and I honestly don’t think that his company can recover.)

I say this to tell any of you who are considering running a Kickstarter for an item that will require manufacturing, reach out to other companies who successfully funded. Also spend your time with this article and visit ARCH and type in Kickstarter to read all of the updates and information I posted about my project.  Congratulations to the guys at Open Frame. We can all learn from your experience!