The Garifuna – A Hybrid Culture (Documentary) | Kickstarter Campaign

What is the documentary about?
Its about the Garifuna people that not only reside in Belize, but also in Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua.  There are immigrant communities throughout the U.S. as well.  The Garifuna are a hybrid culture with both West African and indigenous Caribbean roots.  The genesis of their culture was a direct result of the African slave trade and the intermarriage between the Arawaks, Caribs and West African people.  They’re only about 600,000 Garifuna worldwide.  Uniquely this group is recognized by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and the World Heritage Convention.
This is definitely worth your time so check into it.
Professor Ajani Brown explains his creation and involvement.
I will be the host/narrator, basically the face and voice of the project who will be featured in the film.
What exactly will be filmed?
We will conduct interviews with local artists, scholars and cultural experts.  Then we’ll film the musical performances of Punta Rock – the signature genre of the Garifuna.  Still further, we’ll cover traditional dance styles such as the Junkanoo.  Plus we will meet with local chefs to learn how they prepare culturally specific cuisines.  Additionally, we’ll visit historical sites which will provide a greater context to the history and heritage of the Garifuna people.