Threaded Bun & Answers to a Few FAQ’s (3 Year Old)

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Here’s another African Hair Threading style done on my daughter (I will begin referring to this style simply as “threading” in future posts).  It’s the same style seen in my Ghana Plait Bun video that I will post below the pictures for those who want to see how to do this style.

I have gotten a few questions about this style.  People have asked if the thread cuts or dries out the hair.  My answer is no to both questions, but I believe that it would depend on the thread used.  I use weave thread purchased from Sally’s Beauty Supply.  This type of thread is fairly thick and is of course made for use in hair.  I have been threading my daughter’s hair for quite a while now and have seen no evidence of the thread breaking or drying out her hair.  If anything, I would say that her hair is growing.

I like the threading as a protective style for a few reasons. One reason is that her hair is nicely stretched and ready for another style once the thread is removed.  It is a great alternative to banding.  I also like it because when I thread her hair, I wrap the thread all the way down to the ends of her hair, which offers some protection.

I do have a few warnings about threading though.  One, be careful not to thread the hair too tight, especially at the roots. If you thread too tight at the roots, just like with tight braids, you may be putting too much stress and tension on the hair.  If you see bumps on the scalp, you have threaded the hair too tightly and should remove the thread right away.

Also, once when threading my own hair, I ended up with a thread tangled mess.  I would recommend using some type of clip to keep the hair that is not being threaded out of the way.  If you decide to leave the thread long at the end of each plait, as I show in the video, you may need to clip the extra thread out of your way while you work so the thread at the end of your finished plaits does not tangle with the thread that you are working with.

That’s about it.  See the video below if you want to know how this style is done.  If you have any questions about this style, please click here to contact me.