Theodore Vernell Custom Fit Caps

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Theodore Vernell’s Custom Fit Caps were made for men and women with big, long, thick hair, and even rollers. They come in two different varieties, the sleep cap and the shower cap. Both caps come with a sizing ring to pull your hair up to desired length and a drawstring band  to fit all head sizes. The sleep cap is made from a soft breathable spandex/satin like fabric and the shower cap a soft, durable waterproof material.
I have purchased both the sleep cap and the shower cap. I have yet to use the shower cap but I have been using the sleep cap regularly. I was having trouble finding a sleep cap that fit all my locs and the ones I did find I had to stuff my locs into so I could forget keeping curls. I love the fit and ease of use of this sleep cap. I don’t have to force my locs into it and it doesn’t mess up my curls. It adjust to my volume of hair. My only issue is the first time I used it, it gave me a headache because of the adjustable band. If I loosen it, it slips. I finally found a happy medium where I don’t get a headache and it doesn’t slip.