The 5 Day Tuuwa Anti-Aging Challenge | Updated

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I had the chance to visit a Memphis based skincare company founded by Dr. Xu of the Wellness Center. The Wellness Center features a number of alternative medicine opportunities including Acupuncture, Massage, and Hydrotherapy. Dr. Xu has taken a holistic approach to health and his clients speak very highly of the business. Upon visiting I saw a full display cabinet of his Skin Care and Wellness products named Tuuwa. Tuuwa is a 100% organic skin care that can be applied beyond acne treatments and traditional skin care. The products also could replace the use of things like Icy Hot for athletes. The various systems range from oily skin treatment to anti aging. When I was about to leave he asked if I had any issues I would like to treat with one of the systems. I’m always hesitant to try anything as I always suffer through my injuries (not a very smart thing to do). I remembered that my wife asked me about what the Wellness Center was. I explained and then I told her about the products carried there. I asked Dr. Xu if he had anything to assist my wife in getting rid of the dark circles she has under her eyes when she’s tired or stressed.

He explained what was happening, gave me a series of steps and then reached into his display to give me a sample of his Anti-Aging System by Tuuwa product. I graciously accepted the product and last night my wife and I decided to videotape and take pictures of the application process over the course of 5 days. I videotaped the application process for day one, but I haven’t edited the video. I will add the application video later, but here is the Day 1 photo. Under my wife’s eyes you can see lines and the dark circles. I thought it would be smart to capture her at the end of a long day so that the picture would be more representative of the problem. I will post a picture each day and update this post to show the improvement over 5 days.

When we reach the final day we will see if the product actually helps on a short term basis. We will possibly revisit this at a later date. If you’re interested in reading more about Tuuwa you can visit the site and follow them on social media as well.

Products Used and the application process: LV has to wash her face first, then apply the toner. Once the toner is dry she applies the A.M. Cream in the morning and the P.M. Cream in the evening.

Restorative Argan AM Cream

Restorative Antioxidant PM Cream 

Restorative Toner 2oz

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Day 1 | Anti Aging System by Tuuwa
Day 2 | Anti Aging System by Tuuwa