Pipe Cleaner Curls on Locs Revisited

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20150926_173015I made another attempt at pipe cleaner curls on my locs. This time I let the pipe cleaners stay in my hair overnight and took them down in the morning. This solved both of the problems I had last time.

Problem #1 from my 1st attempt was that my hair didn’t completely dry even after sitting under the dryer therefore all my locs did not completely curl. This time that were completely dry and I ended up with tight coils.20150926_121436

Problem #2 from my 1st attempt  was when I tried taking the pipe cleaners out my hair and the pipe cleaner acted like velcro together and I had to unravel the hair to get them out. This time I was able to pull the pipe cleaner out from the end with the loop and my coils stayed tight.

The one problem I did have this time was I woke up with a headache because it wasn’t the most comfortable way to spend the entire night.

Now, that I have done the style successfully I would definitely do it again. Even though I liked the look of the looser curls my first time around, these will last a lot longer so I’m happy.