This is not hair related, but my sister has created some graphics in honor of some of our fallen stars. These are great for websites and forums. She also has some very nice natural hair blinkies. Chec... Read More


Before you judge me, try hard to love me, Look within your heart then ask, Have you seen my Childhood? People say I’m strange that way ‘Cause I love such elementary things, It’s been... Read More

Twist n Clip

My hair was in need of a trim, so I opted for the easiest way to take care of my ends – a twist and clip.  A twist and clip is just what it sounds like, you two-strand twist your hair, then cli... Read More

Still I Rise

I hope that you all do not mind too much if I post random things from time to time.  Since life is about a lot more than just hair, I wanted to share this video of my 7 year-old DS performing Maya An... Read More

Large Braid Out

So what am I doing with my hair lately?  I am still stuck on the large braid out style that I introduced on the website a while ago.  This is a very simple style to create after a shampoo and condit... Read More