Natural-ness in: Mississippi

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I am thrilled to present Shaughnessy representing the  Magnolia State.  I believe that she is the first person that we’ve featured that started out with locs, successfully removed the locs and is now sporting her loose hair.  Yes ladies, it can be done!  She sent in both loc’d and loose pictures and she’s beautiful either way! Check her out:


What state are you representing?

How long have you been natural?
over 8 years

What’s the natural scene like in your area?
It’s slowing increasing

Additional comments regarding your natural hair:
I rocked locs for 7.5 years and I picked them out last November (took
6 weeks). Now I’m learning to care for my loose hair and I’m really
enjoying it.

Web, blog, youtube or fotki link: (loose hair blog) (loc blog)

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