Coconut Oil Pulling Update

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2016-02-14 11.51.18A couple of months ago I created a post about coconut oil pulling and thought I’d give you an update. I can’t do it! I did good for about 6 weeks then I just started forgetting and eventually lost interest. In the 6 weeks I didn’t notice any results. I know results may take some time but I’m not good at sticking with things for an extended period of time especially when it’s unpleasant when I don’t see the benefits. It wasn’t that it tasted bad but I can’t even drink water first thing in the morning so I had to push myself to do this. If it was more convenient I probably would have been more patient and stuck with it.

What would have made the experience better?
– I made bites for more convenience but since coconut oil melts I had to store them in the refrigerator because I couldn’t store it in the bathroom. The fridge made it too easy to forget about. If I were able to store them in the bathroom I would have remembered to use them.
– If it was liquid it would have been easier to use and store in the bathroom but if you buy coconut oil already in it’s liquid form it isn’t pure and my bathroom isn’t warm enough to melt solid coconut oil.

Would I recommend it?
I don’t want to discourage other people from trying it. I read results can take about 3 months so I although I didn’t see results I’m not going to knock anyone from trying. If you decide to try it, you just have to be patient unlike me. It didn’t do any harm. I may do some more research on the subject and find what works best for me. I have been trying too many new things lately which makes it harder to stick with things. So, maybe I’ll revisit this again in the future but right now I’m done.