Video: Shampooing and Detangling a Young Child’s Hair (3 year old)

In this video, I show how I shampoo and detangle my 3 year old daughter’s hair.  Shampooing my daughter’s hair in the past was a battle and I was losing.  I finally found an effective way to get the job done without struggles and tears.  I hope this helps!

Braid-out & Updated Hair Washing Routine (3 year old)

I am in the process of working on a video on how I did my daughter’s Ghana plaits a few weeks ago.  I will try to get that posted sometime this week.  In the meantime, I wanted to post some recent braid-out pictures as well as her updated hair washing routine.  My facebook and tumblr followers may have already seen most of these pictures (please bear with me).  I am posting them here for new visitors to the site and for those who don’t follow on facebook or tumblr.

I have made one big change to my daughter’s hair routine.  Like my own hair, I have begun washing her hair once every two weeks, rather than every week like I was doing.  The reason for this is simple…she doesn’t like to get her hair washed.  Attempting to wash her hair in the bathtub is like a wrestling match with a wet seal.  Washing it in the shower is impossible.  Have you ever tried washing a wiggling, wet toddler’s hair while trying to hold her and avoid getting shampoo in her eyes?  Let me tell you…it’s not fun.

I’ve now resorted to washing her hair in the kitchen sink with her laying across our counter (straight old school).  This works a lot better.  I have better control over keeping water out of her eyes ( yet she still holds on to me for dear life).

LOL – I was interrupting her TV show, so she was not to happy to be taking pictures.  I couldn’t help it though, I loved the way her hair turned out. This braid-out was created with braids that she wore about a week.  I kept her hair moist as always with a water and conditioner mix.

Here’s a length check.  I am still using the Cara B Naturally products on her hair (shampoo & leave-in conditioner). I’m also still in love with their hair mist. Before styling her hair, coconut oil is still applied. I no longer use the Curly Q Custard Organic Curl Cream.  Not that there is anything wrong with it, I’m just running out of it and I have no desire to repurchase it.

Length check again. For detangling her hair, the Tangle Teezer is a must.  Using anything else results in tears.  I know I was complaining about the Tangle Teezer being hard to hold in my last post, but that does not apply when using it on someone else’s hair (I may complain, but the Tangle Teezer is still a must have).

Q&A: Toddler Hair Growth

I received the following message in an email the other day.  I wanted to post it along with my answer, because I believe that it may be helpful to other mothers of toddler daughters.

I was looking thru the pics of your daugthers hair… my daugthers hair at 1 looks JUST like your little girls did… I hear so many negative comments…it makes me so sad…

Please help me : What products did you use on your little ones hair to maintain the growth? The pic at 18 mths is amazing! Thanks in advance for your help…God bless you…”

This is my daughter's hair at a year old.

My response:

My daughter's hair at around 18 months old.

Thank you for your inquiry.  First off, I want to say that I am sorry that you are getting so many negative comments. When my daughter was a year old, I made a lot of mistakes when caring for her hair.  If I had it all to do over again, I would do things differently.  Now I take better care of it.

When it comes to caring for your baby’s hair, keep these two words in mind: moisture & protection.  By protection, I mean protective styling.  This is a great way to assure length retention.  I did a lot of that when my daughter was little because she did not like for me to comb her hair (here’s a link to a protective style that I often used when my daughter was young – braid n braid style).  While your daughter’s hair is in a protective style, keep a spray bottle of distilled water mixed with either oil on hand (jojoba or olive oil would be good).  Be sure to keep her hair moist using the spray bottle.  I spray my daughter’s hair every other night, when it is in a protective style, before she goes to bed (do not make the hair wet, just slightly moist). Remember, dry hair equals broken hair

I’ve just discovered coconut oil.  I wish I knew about it when she was little.  If I had it all to do over

again, I would apply coconut oil to her hair often, especially the areas where the hair is short. I have no idea what products I used on her hair at that time, but now I use Cara B Naturally’s products.  Their mist is great to use if you want to alternate it with the spray bottle/water/oil combo that I mention above. Here’s a link to some of the products that I have used at some time on my daughter’s hair: You may want to read my reviews and try some of them on your daughter’s hair, keeping in mind that hair can be so different, so what worked for my daughter may not work for yours.

With patience, care and protective styling, your daughter’s hair will grow and more importantly will be healthy!  Here are two websites that really inspired me to take better care of my daughter’s hair: Beads, Braids and Beyond and Happy Girl Hair.  They have tons of good advice and tips.

I hope you find something in this message that helps and I wish you well on your journey of caring for your baby’s hair!  Please keep me updated.  Feel free to contact me with questions at any time!

My daughter's hair at 3 years old.

These pictures were originally posted here: My Daughter’s Hair History

Large Braid-out & Hair Routine (3 year old)

I just realized that I never posted my daughter’s hair routine.  I wanted to take some time to do that, along with posting pictures of a large braid-out style that I did on her.  First off, I think the key to successful hair care is a simple routine.  I believe that routines that involve a ton of steps can sometimes cause frustration.  At least it would for me.  I like to keep things simple.  Here is the routine that I’ve been sticking to, along with large braid-out pics:

I like to wash my daughter’s hair once a week.  I’m currently using Cara B Naturally Shampoo/Body Wash to wash her hair.  After washing, I like to apply Cara B Naturally Leave-In Conditioner .

If I decide to do a protective style on her hair for the week, I divide her hair into sections, usually one at the top and one at the back.  If I am doing box braids, twists or cornrows, I like to begin at the top. Detangling her hair is not too tough, so I just gently detangle with a wide tooth comb as I go.  With protective styles I like to use Coconut oil on each section of hair before I braid or twist it. I also find that coconut oil helps with the detangling process a bit, making the hair easier to comb through.

If I decide to do an “out” style for the week, I like to braid her hair into 8 – 10 large braids in order to stretch it.  This is what I did after washing her hair before doing the large braid out style seen in these pictures.  With “out” styles, I like to use Curly Q Custard Organic Curl Cream .  I also use the curl cream in the way a hair gel would be used, to smooth down ponytails and puffs. If I decide to do bantu knots, I knot the hair right after washing it, skipping the 8 – 10 large braid step.

To maintain styles and keep them from drying out, my to go product is Cara B’s Moisturizing Hair Mist.  I use the mist on her hair before she goes to bed at night whether she is wearing a protective style or an “out” style, such as a puff.  I find that doing this definitely keeps her hair from being dry.  Other hair care tips that I follow is making sure that she either sleeps on a satin pillow case or wears a satin scarf at night.  I try not to braid or put rubber bands in her hair too tightly.  When detangling her hair, I do not tug tangles, which causes breakage.  I’m also careful with the edges of her hair.  In a lot of her pictures, you’ll notice that her edges (the fine hair around her face and at the nape of her neck) are usually not smoothed down much.  This is because I try to avoid brushing this fine hair in order to protect her hair line from breakage.  Too much brushing and manipulation can cause a weak or thinned hair line.  Instead I use the Curly Q Creme on her edges and use my hand to smooth the hair down as best I can.

This routine is very simple and has allowed me to maintain a consistent hair care routine for my daughter.  I will post my own routine sometime this week.  Like my daughter’s, I keep my own hair routine very simple.  Thanks for reading!

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