Boy Hair Styles: Quick Coils (9 Year Old)

My sister Co sent me a video of a new method of doing coils on a TWA (teeny weeny afro) that I had never heard of.  With this method, you take a soft boar bristle brush, and you brush the hair in a circular motion until it forms coils.  Using this method, you can coil the hair in a fraction of the time it takes to do finger coils. I tried this method on my son and was pleased with the results.  Below you’ll find pictures and links to my first and second attempt at doing this style on my son. The first video also shows my little experiment on trying to achieve the style using different types of brushes.  Enjoy!

Quick coils 1st attempt & experiment using different brushes

2nd attempt at quick coils

Boy Hair Styles: Finger Coils Video

Here’s a short (1:27) video on how I created my son’s finger coils that I posted earlier today: Finger Coils This same technique can probably be used on almost anyone with an afro (or curly) hair texture.

Boy Hair Styles: Coils (9 Year Old)

While reading over articles and discussions regarding boys and their hair, I’ve noticed that there are people interested in hair styles for boys looking to grow their hair out.  Since my son is one of those boys, I’ve decided to add a few styles that I have and plan on trying on him.  Here’s the first style that I’ve tried – coils:

First, I wanted to add a few pictures of his texture, freshly washed with conditioner – click to enlarge  (you can still see some of the leave-in conditioner that I used).

His hair was washed with Cara B Naturally Shampoo (the same as I use on my daughter).  I then applied Curly Q Custard and Coconut Oil to his damp hair.

Here is the side of his coils.  I used ORS Lock n Twist gel to hold the coils together.

Please note that these are not comb coils.  These coils were created by simply twirling his hair between my fingers. I recorded a quick video (click link) here: Finger Coils

From what I understand, coils such as these is one of the many ways to begin locs.

Here’s the top view of the coils.

My son was very happy that I finally agreed to coils his hair, just like I did when he was 5. (See his early coils here, scroll down after clicking the link – coils)

Unfortunately his coils did not last more than a few nights.  After a couple of days, I loosened the coils into a coil-out.  Here he is hard at work completing a home school assignment.

One last view of my son and his growing afro styled into a coil-out.

Kids Guest Style – Coils (3 Year Old)

A good friend of mine, who is very talented at styling hair, sent pictures of a few styles that she’s done on her daughter.  Her daughter at the time was only three.  The first style that I’d like to share is a set of coils.  Check them out along with instructions that she sent for those who would like to recreate the style:

Freshly washed hair was allowed to air dry, then was
re-dampened with rose water.

Hair was parted in a 2″ x 2″ section and
a pea-sized amount of Fantasia IC Fantasia Hair Polisher Gel 16z Olive
Oil Jar Green
was applied throughout the strand. The coil was begun as a
two-strand twist.

After about three twists, the remaining strand was
twisted around the braider’s index finger, from where the twist left
off to the end of the strand. Coils were allowed to hair dry.

Check back for the next style sent in by my friend, called the sunburst!

Do you have a cute child’s hair style that you would like to share?  Please send a few pictures along with instructions on how you completed the style to!

Archives: Year 2, Month 7 (originally posted February 07)

Here are pictures from the second year of my first BC.

Here’s another attempt at a pony puff (one of my hair goals).  My hair is getting long enough for a pony puff, but due to the amount of work that it takes to get it into a pony puff, I do not consider this goal accomplished.

Here’s the front view.

Here’s the back view.

Here’s the side view.

Here’s a top view, showing off my butterfly accessory.

My five-year-old son had been begging for me to let him grow his hair out so that he could wear ‘twisties’.  Here’s the front view of his ‘twisties’, that are actually hand twisted coils.

Here’s the side view.  I coiled his hair using my beloved ORS lock ‘n twist gel.

Here’s the back view.  I have never attempted coils on my own hair, because it is too thick and would take forever, so I was glad to be able to try the style out on someone.

After my son got in trouble at school for playing with his coils all day, I took them out and let him wear a twistout or in his case, a coilout.  I loved this look on him.

Here’s the side view of the coilout.

Here’s the back view.  The coilout was much easier to maintain than the coils.  With the coilout, I just fluffed with my hand in the morning. However, with the coils, I actually had to recoil parts of his hair every morning.

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