Braids and Braid-outs (4 year old)

I’ve fallen behind on posting pics, so please bear with me while I attempt to play catch-up today. First off, here are pictures taken back in October and early November of my daughter’s last set of box braids and the resulting braid-outs.

This is my daughter’s box braids that she wore on Halloween.  She has on a princess Tiana tiara.

This is how I created the crinkled look.  At night, I braided the small box braids together after spritzing them with Cara B Naturally mist.

One last look at the crinkled box braids.  I’ve discovered that the crinkled box braid look makes the braids look better for a little while longer.  My daughter was able to wear these box braids for about four weeks.

I started taking the braids down, but we needed to leave the house, so I decided to cover the remaining braids with a hat. I liked the way it looked so I snapped a few pics.

Here’s the back of her “half” braid-out.

Finally I finished removing the braids.  Here’s the final look.

The only product used here was coconut oil.

Corn-Row & Braid-out Combo (3 Year Old)

I removed my daughter’s 2 in 1 Summer Box Braids Style (seen here), but was not quite ready to shampoo her hair, so I decided on a braid-out.  I love the “big hair” look on her and we get a lot of compliments when her hair is in a braid-out.  The only downside is that people are always tempted to reach out and grab her hair 🙁  Anyway, here is her last braid-out, with cornrows in the front.

Her hair had been in braids for two weeks, but her scalp was in good condition and there was no product build-up, so I postponed shampooing her hair for a few days.

Speaking of shampooing, I mentioned before that I stopped shampooing her hair every week and started doing an every other week (sometimes three week) schedule…don’t judge 🙂  Why do I wash her hair so infrequently?  Simple, she hates having her hair shampooed.  I tried to do it in the shower or bathtub, but…well, imagine what it would be like to wrestle a slippery seal in water. That is what it’s like to wash a naked toddler’s hair who is fighting you.  So now, I lie her across the counter (straight ole school) and shampoo her hair in the kitchen sink.  This is the best way I’ve found to get the job done while avoiding water in her eyes and fighting to keep a grip.

Anyway, before I started taking the braids down, I applied coconut oil (I like this brand  Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 15-Ounce Tubs (Pack of 2)) to keep her hair from looking dry.  The braids ended up taking a lot longer than I anticipated to remove, so I took the top down first, braided the hair in large braids for the night and removed the rest of the braids the next day.

Here is her hair two days later.  To maintain the style, I ended up re-braiding the hair in large braids before she went to bed.

As always, I lightly misted her hair before bed to keep it from feeling dry.  Notice I said “lightly” mist.  If I spray the hair until it is wet, it would draw up and shrink.  A very light mist will add moisture without causing the hair to shrink.

This twist-out did not last another day.  I ended up styling it in a puff and shampooing it the day after that.

I usually like to keep my daughter’s hair up in some sort of protective style.  In fact, her hair is in a protective style probably 85% of the time.  But between the protective styles, I like to allow her to wear her hair in braid-outs, twist-outs and puffs so that she can learn to love and get to know her hair while it’s loose.  I want her to know what her hair feels like and to see it while it’s wild and free, although sometimes she’ll tell me that her hair is “too big” – lol


Flat Twist & Twist-Out Combo (3 Year Old)

Here is the twist-out that resulted from the style that I posted yesterday (Two Strand/Flat Twist Combo).  The only thing I did before taking her twists down was rub coconut oil all over her two-strand twists.  Here are the pics:

Here’s the front of her wild n free afro.  I left the flat twists in the front to create a slightly different look.

Here’s the back.  I notice that her rope twist-outs not only last longer, but definitely have more definition.

Here’s a side view.  This twist-out only lasted one day vs. rope twists outs that last at least three days.

Here’s a close view of the flat twists.  They held up, but were beginning to look fuzzy.

I love this picture.  She was trying to put her shoe back on.

Here’s my daughter on her swing with her hair flying all over the place.

Braid-out & Updated Hair Washing Routine (3 year old)

I am in the process of working on a video on how I did my daughter’s Ghana plaits a few weeks ago.  I will try to get that posted sometime this week.  In the meantime, I wanted to post some recent braid-out pictures as well as her updated hair washing routine.  My facebook and tumblr followers may have already seen most of these pictures (please bear with me).  I am posting them here for new visitors to the site and for those who don’t follow on facebook or tumblr.

I have made one big change to my daughter’s hair routine.  Like my own hair, I have begun washing her hair once every two weeks, rather than every week like I was doing.  The reason for this is simple…she doesn’t like to get her hair washed.  Attempting to wash her hair in the bathtub is like a wrestling match with a wet seal.  Washing it in the shower is impossible.  Have you ever tried washing a wiggling, wet toddler’s hair while trying to hold her and avoid getting shampoo in her eyes?  Let me tell you…it’s not fun.

I’ve now resorted to washing her hair in the kitchen sink with her laying across our counter (straight old school).  This works a lot better.  I have better control over keeping water out of her eyes ( yet she still holds on to me for dear life).

LOL – I was interrupting her TV show, so she was not to happy to be taking pictures.  I couldn’t help it though, I loved the way her hair turned out. This braid-out was created with braids that she wore about a week.  I kept her hair moist as always with a water and conditioner mix.

Here’s a length check.  I am still using the Cara B Naturally products on her hair (shampoo & leave-in conditioner). I’m also still in love with their hair mist. Before styling her hair, coconut oil is still applied. I no longer use the Curly Q Custard Organic Curl Cream.  Not that there is anything wrong with it, I’m just running out of it and I have no desire to repurchase it.

Length check again. For detangling her hair, the Tangle Teezer is a must.  Using anything else results in tears.  I know I was complaining about the Tangle Teezer being hard to hold in my last post, but that does not apply when using it on someone else’s hair (I may complain, but the Tangle Teezer is still a must have).

Rope Twist-out (3 Year Old)

After the rope twists and beads seen in this post: Rope Twists with Beads (3 Year Old), my daughter was able to wear her hair in a rope twist-out and later a puff for a few days.  Before untwisting the twists, I rubbed coconut oil all over her hair.  While she wore the twist-out, I kept her hair moist by spraying it with water, mixed with conditioner.  Here are the results:

I absolutely love the texture created by rope twists.  The texture is a lot more defined than the texture of a regular twist-out or braid-out.  If your hair does not hold the texture of regular twists/braids well, you may want to try rope twists instead.

Here’s a comparison of the texture created with a braid-out vs. a rope twist-out.  Both are beautiful, but I’m partial to the rope twist-out.

I dressed this look up with a headband to match her outfit.

After a few days, I brushed her hair back into a puff.

Here’s another view of her puff.  The texture created with rope twists seems to last a lot longer than braid-outs.

Here’s a close view of her textured puff.

Boy Hair Styles: Twist-out Afro (9 Year Old)

This is a follow up to my other post here: BHS-Two Strand Twists.  After my son wore the twists for a few days, I untwisted and finger styled them into a twist-out afro.  Here are the results:

Before I began untwisting, I rubbed coconut oil all over his two-strand twists.

After all of the twists were removed, I used my hands to separate the hair into an afro.  I notice that with his hair, it is hard to separate it enough so that none of the parts show.  If I were to grow his hair out again and retry this style, I would use a comb to gently comb his hair at the roots in order to cover the parts better.

I loved the way it turned out in the front.

After all of the twists were removed, my husband used clippers to line the edges of his hair to give it a cleaner look.  This style would look great (minus lining the edges…I guess?) on a woman with a short to medium length TWA!

Curled Rope Twists & Twist-Out (3 year old)

Here are pictures of the latest hair experiment that I attempted on my daughter.  This time I was going for a curled rope twist style.

First I washed her hair with Cara B Naturally Shampoo.  I then applied Shea Moisture’s Organic Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque (review coming soon) and applied a plastic cap to her head and allowed her to play for about 40 minutes while deep conditioning her hair.  Afterward, I lightly rinsed the conditioner, leaving some in her hair (the instructions state that this deep conditioner can be left in the hair).  I then proceeded to do four flat twists at the top of her head with two rope twists in the front as bangs.  I rolled her hair on sponge rollers as I went (yeah, I know – sponge rollers are not the best – I’ll be replacing them with silk wrapped rollers as soon as I can).

After a few hours, I removed the rollers, but I was not satisfied with the curl, so I re-rolled each twist and my daughter slept in the rollers overnight.  By the way, this was my very first successful attempt at flat twisting her hair.  It’s not perfect, but I was proud of my work! 😀

The next day, I removed the rollers, but I was not very happy with the result.  Next time I try to curl rope twists, I will use curlformers.  The sponge rollers curled the hair too tight.  I decided to go ahead and work with it for a few days, so I accessorized the best I could (and stayed close to home – J/K…kind of).

But this experiment does not end badly!  After a few days, I untwisted her hair, resulting in her best twist-out yet!!  Check it out:

Here’s the top accessorized with simple barrettes.  I really liked the way this twist-out looked!

Check out the pretty shiny texture that these rope twists created (click to enlarge).

I loved the full-ness.  This twist-out lasted a few days.  As always I kept her hair moist with a light spritz in the morning.

I don’t know why it seemed to have so much more volume than her other twist-outs.  Could it have been the rollers?  I really don’t know, but I love when experiments turn out well.

Last thing, I did record myself completing these twists, but I was not happy with the quality of the video (bad angle & too much light).  I will record my next rope twist attempt and put together a how-to video.

Large Rope Twist-Out (3 year old)

I said in my post here: Large Rope Twists, that I did not take any pictures of the twist-out resulting from the 14 large rope twists, but I did and forgot.  So here’s a quick update with the twist-out created with 14 large rope twists:

As expected, larger rope twists create a slightly different texture

The definition created with smaller twists tend to last a lot longer than the definition created with large twists…no surprise there

I just love the sheen created with coconut oil.  It makes the hair look so much healthier.

Last view

Rope Twist-out – day 3 & 4 (3 year old)

Last post of my daughter’s rope twists that lasted four days.  Here are pictures of day 3 and day 4:

Day 3 – I added a headband to dress up the look.  Once again, the style was maintained by lightly spritzing daily to keep the hair moist and re-fluffing the flattened areas of the hair in the morning.

Day 4 – The hair on the sides were a bit too flat to re-fluff, so I decided to brush it back into a puff using a bit of gel to hold it down.

Rope Twist-out – day 2 (3 year old)

I wanted to post a few updates on the twist-out that I did on my daughter’s hair for the New Year.  I am doing this because this is the first time I have ever been able to do a twist-out on my daughter and have it last for more than one day.  In fact, this last twist-out lasted a total of 4 days!  Yay!  I am in love with rope twist-outs!  Anyway, here are the pictures:

To maintain this style over a few days, I did not tie her hair up at night.  Tying it in a satin scarf would have flattened the hair out.  Instead, she slept on a satin pillowcase.

When she woke up in the morning, the sides of her hair was  flat, so I just refluffed the sides and lightly spritzed her hair with Shea Moisture Mist – one of the many reviews that I still need to do 🙂

Here’s the back of her hair.

I used clips to hold her hair down at the top and to dress the style up.

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