[Video] 4 Quick & Easy Yarn Twist Styles

I simply love yarn twists but I’m not that creative when it comes to yarn twist styles. Main reason for that is because I usually put in yarn twist when I’m tired to doing my hair and need a break. However, there are times when I’m at work or doing something and need to get them out of my face. There are also times I’m about to step out and want something simple but not so plain. Here are 4 quick and easy yarn twist styles I like to do on those occasions:

Style #1 - The Roll Under

Style #2 - The Roll Over

Style #3 - Three Part Harmony

Style #4 - The Updo

See video below for step-by-step instructions on how I created these styles:

Getting My Yarn Twist To Last Longer

Today is the start of week 4 for my yarn twists and I have been noticing a lot of flakes since week 2. I’ve been managing it by spraying it with water and adding oil to the scalp but at this point that isn’t helping anymore. However, since it took me so long to do my hair I refuse to take it down so soon. Therefore, I decided I would just take down the twists that are in visible areas (the front and along the part) and just cleanse my scalp in those areas then reinstall the yarn.

Here are before and after pictures:

Here are the products I used in this process:

Spray bottle with nothing but water in it.

Denman Cushion Brush Nylon Bristles to detangle the hair.

 Scalp Cleanser spray, I used Creme of Nature Scalp Cleanser for twists, locks and naturals.

Shampoo Brush to brush away to dead skin.

Indian Hemp Hair & Scalp Conditioning Treatment , I used Softee brand.

Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, I like to do mine in black.

For step-by-step instructions watch my how-to video below:

[Video] Coco’s Favorite Natural Hairstyle

Yesterday I put in another set of Yarn Twists. It took me literally all day because I did them a lot smaller than usual. Yarn twists are my favorite style to wear. I just like long hair, always have, and love how I look with long hair. So, yarn twists gives the illusion of long hair while I wait for my own hair to grow out. I would keep my hair in yarn twists continually if it didn’t take so long to do. This is the 6th times I’ve done my hair in yarn twists. Below is a video showcasing each yarn twist attempt.

November Hair – Yarn Twists 5 (6 – 9 inches)

One last set of yarn twist pictures:

This simple style was created by pulling the top of my twists up like I would for a ponytail, dividing the section of hair into two and literally tying the two sections together.

Here’s a back view.  I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but yarn twists can be washed.  I actually washed my hair while wearing the twists.  The downside is that in some places my own hair began to swell a bit.  It was just in a few spots, so the twists were still wearable.

I am trying to give a better view of how I tied my hair to create this look.

OK, here’s a better view.  I eventually removed these twists, not because they looked or smelled back.  I removed them because I missed my hair being loose.  I wanted to see my afro again 🙂

These twists were maintained by wearing a scarf at night and spritzing my hair lightly with water mixed with oil everyday.

OK, no more twist pictures…for now.

November Hair – Yarn Twists 4 (6 – 9 inches)

I don’t mean to bore anyone with the yarn twists pictures, but I wanted to show how versatile the twists are.  This is just another ponytail.  I pulled the twists into a ponytail when I wanted to workout:

November Hair – Yarn Twists 3 (6 – 9 inches)

Here are pictures from another casual day with the yarn twists.

I wanted to tie the yarn twists back, so I used a headband to hold them, leaving a couple of the twists out in the front.

Here’s a better view of the band, which is actually an old wrap scarf from my relaxed hair days.

I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to have yarn braids done again.  I may try to do them myself next time.

Last view, top of the yarn twists.

November Hair – Yarn Twists 2 (6 – 9 inches)

I was playing around with the yarn twist; once again looking for ways to get them out of my face.  This is what I came up with:

I took the twists at the top part of my hair and twisted them and tucked them until I came up with this style.

I did not wear this style out.  This was just something to do while I got things done around the house.

You can kind of see how I twisted the hair at the top together and tucked it in, so that the ends would not show.

Another view of the top.  I did not like this style enough to wear out, but it served it’s purpose; keeping twists out of my face.  I wanted to post these pictures, just to show how versatile yarn twists can be.

One last view.  What do you think?  Is this a style that could have been worn out?

November Hair – Yarn Twists (6 – 9 inches)

I wanted to post a few updates on the yarn twists that I first posted here: October Hair Update 7 .  I just took my yarn twists down yesterday after wearing them for over three weeks.  In that time I wore them several different ways.  I even washed them (they are washable!)  Here is one way that I wore the twists, nothing fancy, just a simple pony tail:

This was a laid back, sweatshirt day.  I mainly wanted the twists out of my face.

I just used a simple loose band to tie the twists back.

I am not very creative when it comes to hair, but I did manage to do a few simple things with the twists.

I will post more pictures of other yarn twist styles over the next few days.  I find that yarn twists are very versatile.  A very creative person could probably come up with tons of different ways to wear them.

October Hair Update 7 (6 – 9 inches)

This is the last of my October Hair updates.  My sister Co, completed a set of yarn twists for me (thanks again Co), because I could not imagine being able to do them myself (lack of time with the homeschooling thing going).  Anyway, here are the results:

I’m still wearing the yarn twists.  I’ve had them in for almost 3 weeks now.  The compliments I get is that they look very natural.  I think they sort of look like locs.  I really like the look and my hair needed the daily styling break.  I spritz my hair lightly at night to keep it from drying out.  I also keep the twists looking fresh by trying them up at night.

If you think you may be interested in trying yarn twists, here’s a video that Co has put together:

Yarn Twists Revisited

I loved my yarn twists so much the first time that I had to do them again. This time I did them longer and smaller. As a result they looked better and lasted longer.

The picture on the left is a picture from the first attempt at yarn twists. I had them in from August 18 – September 9. However, I had to keep retwisting a few in the first because my real hair would swell up. The picture on the right is a picture from the second attempt. These stayed in from September 18 – October 19. The twists themselves were still looking good but my scalp was dry and I had a ton of new growth so I took them out.

Here is how much it has grown prior to taking them down. The picture on the left is the back of my hair with about 2 inches of growth. The picture on the right is the side of my hair with about 1 inch of growth.

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