[Video] Low Puff: 2 Puffs in 1 Method

Here is another method I use to create a low puff on my hair. My hair is so thick that I cannot just brush it back and put it in a low puff, I have to use alternative methods. This is just one of three methods. The first method was demonstrated in a previous video: Creating a Low Puff on Thick Hair.

Products Used:
– 100% Aloe Vera Gel (rubbed on hair after washing and conditioning)
– Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Hold & Shine Moisture Mist (to help my fuzzy hair lay down)
– Wrap Scarf (to tie puffs together)
– Goodie Bands (to hold puffs)
– Second Wrap Scarf (to temporarily tie down front of hair)

Step-by-Step Instructions:

[Video] Puff with Pompadour Bangs


I thought I would try to jazz up my puff by adding a pompadour to the front. A simple yet more sophisticated look.


 Products used to create this style:

Scunci Silicone Rubber Bands – To help secure pompadour in place.
Snap Hair Clips – Also used to secure pompadour in place.
Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel – Smooth out front of hair.
Satin Tie Band Black  – To secure puff in place.
Scunci Effortless Beauty Wide Stretch Basic Headwraps – To use as finishing touch.

For step-by-step instructions on how I created this style check out the video below:

[Video] Creating a Low Puff on Thick Hair

I have really thick hair and it’s difficult for me to get my puff as low as I like it. So, I developed a new technique to get my puff positioned exactly where I want it instead of directly on top of my hair all the time.

Products used in this video:
Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics – To tie off bottom half of hair
Scunci Headwrap Flat No Damage – To accessorize puff
Large Black Mum Hair Flower Clip – To accessorize puff
Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel – To smooth out the front of the hair in order for it to lie down
Deluxe Satin Tie Band Black  – To help hair in front to lie down. A second one of these scarves can also be used to tie back the puff.

For step-by-step instructions on how I created this puff, watch the video below:

[Video by Request] Criss Cross Twists into a Puff

Someone requested me to do a tutorial on this style awhile back. When I initially received the request I was having health problems and was not up to it.  It still took me awhile to get to it after I got better because this style is hard to demonstrate (as you will see in the video).  Although I love the look of the style I don’t necessarily like doing it mainly because of all the rubber bands. However, I said I would do it and I’m true to my word so sorry for the delay but here it goes.


[Video] Natural Hair Puff on Stubborn Hair

I have had a few people ask me how I do my puffs so neat. There are alot of people out there who, like me, have stubborn hair. When I say “stubborn hair” I mean the type of hair that will not lie down, no matter how much gel you put on it, it seems like the hair just absorbs the gel and looks fuzzy in the front. My sister, LV, on the other hand can just wet her hair and brush it back into puff and hers looks good all day. I, on the other hand, am not that fortunate. So, I put together a video for people like me who want to achieve that perfect puff.

Here are a few pictures of me wearing my puff. I accessorized it a little bit.

Now, check out the how-to video which can also be viewed via YouTube. I did my video on dry hair but normally I do my puffs while it’s wet however it takes longer to get the hair to lie down the wetter the hair is because it really absorbs the gel when wet.

The Art of Wearing a Puff

Warning: Lots of puff pictures coming up.  Why? Because, 1) I like the way my hair looks in a puff, 2) I like the way my hair looks in a puff, and 3) I REALLY like the way my hair looks in a puff 🙂  Kidding aside, I think a puff is a cute go-to style on those days when your hair is not “working” for you.  It’s also a viable option when your braid-outs or twist-outs have seen “better” days.  However, if you are not using caution when making a puff, you may find yourself facing broken off hair.  Below, I will explain a few different methods for wearing a puff while protecting the edges of your hair and your puff itself.  As you read, remember that I am not a hair expert.  The info below is the results of trial and error.

First of all, when I decide to style my hair in a puff, my goal is to avoid using brushes as much as possible.  The more you use a brush on your hair, the more likely you are to damage the edges of your hair or cause breakage to the fronts, sides and back of your hair.

This is what I call a shrunken puff.  I call it “shrunken” because this is the same puff that I wore during my vacation.  It was once a “stretched” puff, but overtime, it shrunk down (you’ll see what a stretched puff looks like in a moment).

To style my hair into this puff, I sprayed my hair with water mixed with leave-in conditioner.  I then applied Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel.  After applying the gel, I used my hand to smooth my hair back.  If I do use a brush, I avoid using a boar bristle brush.  Instead I use my Denman Cushion Brush Nylon Bristles, 9-Row.  From my experience, the Denman puts less stress on my hair.

If I decide not to use a brush, I take a “silk wrapping scarf”, the type of scarf that you would use to “wrap” relaxed hair, like this one Stay On Satin Natural Style Wrapping Scarf #1170 and I tie it tightly around the edges of my hair (close to my forehead and the nape of my neck).  Then I begin to push it backward, making sure to keep it tight.  If I do this correctly, my hair becomes slick around the front, sides and edges without the use of a brush.  Note: The hair around the front, sides and edges has to either be very moist or has to have gel for this to work properly if you want a smoother finish. I then wrap the wrapping scarf around my puff and tie it so that it is not seen (although you can see it in the pictures above).

Sometimes when I use gel on my hair, I can wear the same puff for multiple days without redoing it.  If I decide to do that, I take my regular large satin scarf (like this one Satin Nites Large Satin Scarf #779) and fold it and tie it so that it covers only the front, sides and back of my hair – leaving the puff out.  I go to sleep and when I wake up the next day, I just have to re-fluff my puff and remove the scarf.  This picture shows the same puff two days later.

Now onto the “stretched puff”.  The puff in the next few pictures was created after removing my last set of Ghana Plaits.  My hair was nice and stretched, so I used the same method above to create this puff.

When creating a puff on stretched hair, most likely you can get away with not using a brush.  Gel and/or water is usually enough to get a somewhat slick look.  Please note that this does however depend on your hair type.  If you have a spongy hair type, like my daughter and sister Co, your hair may not look slick no matter what you use.  With my daughter’s hair, I have to tie her hair down with a satin scarf (or a wrapping scarf – Stay On Satin Natural Style Wrapping Scarf #1170) for 30 minutes or more AFTER forming her puff to get it anywhere near slick.

Can you now see the big difference between my “stretched” puff and my “shrunken” puff?

My stretched puff is a lot fluffier and bigger.  If I leave it like this long enough (two days or so) however, it becomes shrunken.

So what happens when you want to wear a puff, but you do not have any gel or you just don’t like the slick look?  When I was on vacation and I removed my Ghana Plait bun, I did not have many options for my hair.  I decided to wear it in a puff, but I did not bring any gel. In this case, I once again made sure the front, sides and back of my hair was moist and used coconut oil (not a lot).  I gently brushed my hair, once again using the Denman brush, and used my satin wrapping scarf to secure my puff.  Here is hubby and I standing in line at Legoland in Carlsbad California.

Don’t get me wrong, even when I am at home and I have access to gel, I do not always use it.  I find that once you apply gel to your hair, the only way to get rid of the “hard” feeling is to shampoo it.  That is, unless you use Aloe Vera gel or make your own.  I no longer use Aloe Vera gel, because it does not hold my hair.  It acts more like a moisturizer than a gel for me.

I love to accessorize my hair when I wear puffs.  Here I am at the Viejas Outlets in Alpine California wearing a flower accessory that I made myself.

Now I wanted to add a few additional notes about my method of making a puff.  I do not always use my satin wrapping scarf to make my puffs.  I sometimes use Goody Bands to hold my puffs.  When I do use Goody Bands, I cut the band so that I am able to tie it as tight as I need to.  I never use rubber bands!  Please keep in mind that long term use of Goody Bands may dry your hair out and could possibly cause breakage.  I prefer my Satin wrapping scarf.

Below is an old video that I put together on making puffs (it is about 5 years old now). I do not use this method of creating a puff anymore, but I thought it might be useful in giving some of you ideas on other ways to create a puff without stressing your hair line.  Also, note that in this video, I am using a boar bristled brush.  I avoid using boar bristled brushes now, because they tend to be rough on your hair.  I prefer my Denman.

You are watching: Making A Puff (Length: 3:36)

Stills By: Diego 2 Memphis (LV Burns)

Music By: Erykah Badu from her Worldwide Underground album

Ghana Plaits: Another Way to Stretch Hair

When I decided to try the Ghana Plait style a few weeks ago, I was motivated by a second reason – it’s a great way to stretch your hair!  Here is my hair after I removed my Ghana Plait Bun:

After I removed all of the thread, this is how my hair looked.

I like stretching my hair out this way better than doing the braid method, because it requires less combing.  I do not like to use combs on my hair when it is dry.

I was still on vacation when these pictures were taken and although I brought a lot of hair products and tools with me, I did not bring all that I needed.  So, I did not have a lot of styling options after I took the Ghana Plaits down.

One last view of my stretched hair.

Since I did not have everything that I needed for my hair, I went ahead and opted for a puff (I also had no gel, so my puff was not very smooth…I did have my flower though 🙂 ) – Click picture to enlarge

To smooth back my puff (when there was no gel in sight), I sprayed the front of my hair with water and used coconut oil as a gel replacement.  It wasn’t perfect, but it worked – click picture to enlarge.

By the way, these pictures were taken at the Viejas Outlet Stores in Alpine California, next to the Viejas Casino – beautiful place 🙂



AfroVeda Curl Define

Product Description: Directly from website, “style and define your curls or twists, while naturally  hydrating every strand and infusing hair with maximum moisture and softness”.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Rice Milk, Water, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Nettle Leaf, Ayurvedic Botanicals of Ashwagandha Powder, Bhringaraj Powder, Brahmi Powder, Amalaki Herb and Neem Leaf; Bay Leaf, Horsetail Leaf Extract, Palm Oil, Glyceryl Stearate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, (an edible, natural, ultra-mild self-emulsifying wax), Aloe Vera Leaf Gel, Xanthan Gum, Gluconolactone (and) Sodium Benzoate (a natural preservative), and love. Essential oil blend of Sweet Orange and Vanilla.

(Note: This product is preserved with a paraben-free, wide-spectrum cosmetic preservative. Please use within 6-9 months, refrigerate or freeze for longer-term storage )

Product Review: Before I begin this review, I have a confession to make… I was afraid to put this product in my hair in the beginning because it smells and looks like cake frosting 🙂 .  Unlike most of my other products, I did not purchase this product myself.  It was sent to me by a very good friend of mine for Christmas.  I was happy to receive it, but the initial scent and texture threw me off.

When I finally decided to use it, I was pleasantly surprised.I first used it back in January during my birthday weekend.  The consistency is a bit thick, but if you rub it between your hands it sort of melts into a lighter cream.  Here are pictures of my hair after using this product:

This picture was taken back in January.  I applied the AfroVeda to each section of my hair before I braided it up as shown.

This is me in New Orleans celebrating my birthday back in January.  This braid-out is the result of the AfroVeda and the braids in the picture above.

I just thought I’d throw in one more picture showing the braid-out.  I was pleased with the way the braid-out came out.  It was highly defined and very soft to the touch.

Here’s my latest venture in using this product.  I decided to brush this braid-out back into a puff.  Again, I used AfroVeda, applying it to each section of my hair before braiding it up.

Here’s another view of my AfroVeda puff.  The front, sides and back of my hair was smoothed down using Eco Styler Gel.

Here’s a close view of my puff.  Overall, I like the AfroVeda curl define as a braid-out aid.  However, if I had to compare it to the Goddess Curls Gel, I’m going to go with the gel.  Why?  Well the Goddess Curls gel is cheaper at $7.99 (at Target, no shipping) vs. $15.50 + shipping  for the Curl Define.  Also the Goddess Curls Gel makes my hair shinier, which I like.  I will continue to use the AfroVeda curl define from time to time, because I do like the way it makes my hair feel, but I am not sure if I would repurchase it once I run out. I am very grateful to my friend, L.L., for sending this to me and giving me an opportunity to try it out!  Thanks again girl!

Please check back for further thoughts on this product.

Introducing My Mom & Her Twist-out Puff

You’ve been introduced to my sister Co, who has been contributing to the website with her Healthy Living / Endo articles, Hairstyles & Hair Recipes.  You have also been introduced to one of my twin sisters, Lala as a New Natural.  Now I’d like to introduce you to my mom, who has been wearing her hair natural for five years now (She did a BC, not too long after I did mine and hasn’t looked back since).  Usually she keeps her hair in a TWA, but lately she’s been allowing it to grow out.  Here’s my mom:

My mom and I were headed downtown and she showed up at my house with the cutest twist-out puff.

The light on this picture isn’t the greatest, but her puff looks so cute in this picture.

Okay, here it is again in better light. My mom has always thought of her hair as thin, but her puff came out nice and full.

She used ORS Lock & Twist gel in the front when doing her two-strand twists.  Also, because of the looser hair texture at the back of her head, she braided rather than twisted the back using Root of Nature Mango Oil Cupuacu Butter Feather Whip Curl Crème . She wore the twist/braids for almost a week before removing them for this twist-out puff.  While the twists/braids were still in, she used Root of Nature Mango Oil  Curl Re-vibrant Spray to keep them moisturized.

After removing the twists/braids, she used a comb to gently comb out the parts, being careful not to comb all the way through.  To maintain her puff, my mom has been using a loose satin cap to cover the puff up at night.

October Hair Update 6 (6 – 9 inches)

Recently I attempted to go back to my large braid out (the style where I braid wet hair into 8 -10 large braids).  This time I tried a new product, Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll. This product is designed to be is a light foaming mousse for wrapping, setting and smoothing hair.  This product does exactly that, which is great.  In my experiment with it, I found that it should not be used for large braid out styles.  Why do I say that?  It worked really well in smoothing my hair.  In fact, it was too smooth for a braid out.  I could not wear the braid out loose because parts of my hair was too straight.  I ended up brushing my hair back into a puff instead.  Now I’m not complaining.  My puff came out beautiful.  I loved the results.  However, I will not use this product for a braid out again.  I cannot wait to try it for a roller set though.  I can imagine getting incredible results.  I really do like this product 🙂

Anyway, here is my resulting puff:

Here’s the front.  With this view, my hair almost looks like it does with bantu knot-outs.  In actuality, my hair is a lot straighter than it usually is with bantu knot-outs.

See what I mean?  My hair is never this smooth when brushed into a puff unless I use gel.

Here’s another view of the back.  I love the fullness of this puff.

The front is very smooth also.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this product if you are looking for a smooth set.  I cannot wait to try this product with a set of curlformers.

Here’s the top.

Side view.

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