Rep Your State

In case you’ve missed it, the states we have represented so far are:

Mississippi Represented by  Denise

North CarolinaRepresented by Portia

Delaware Represented By  Tia

It is not too late to represent your state! If you are interested in joining Denise, Portia & Tia in representing your state, please click here: Natural-ness in the States

If you would also like to represent one of the states already represented above, you can.  Let’s see what state will be represented the most!

Once again, when I get 20 people to represent their state, I will randomly pick one of them to win a special give-a-way.  Once I get 10 people, I will announce what the give-a-way will be.  For now, here’s a hint…the give-a-way includes one of my must have, favorite hair products.

Want a chance to win…just click the link above, fill in the required info, submit it with your picture & “rep your state”

Natural-ness in: North Carolina

I’m pleased to add the Tar Heel State to the Natural-ness in the States feature.  Please meet Portia and some of her lovely natural family members (son, sister-in-law & sister)!


What state are you representing?
North Carolina

How long have you been natural?
4 months

What’s the natural scene like in your area?
There are mostly people with locs in my area and very few loose
naturals. I always get asked if I am planning on locking because
that’s the norm around here.

Additional comments regarding your natural hair:
I love my hair, the way she feels, moves, looks, smells, coils,
curls, bounces, and twirls. From being relaxed most of my life to now
being 100% natural, I can say that this is the best choice I have ever
made for myself.

Would you like to “Rep Your State”?

If so, please fill out the form here: Natural-ness in the States. I will be glad to accept more than one entry from the same state. Let’s see what state will be represented the most! Once I get at least 20 submissions, I will randomly choose one lucky person for a special giveaway!

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