Natural-ness in: Missouri

Yay, I got my new hard drive and I am thrilled to present Jai representing the Show Me State.

Day one of BC


"At work where everyone thought that I was crazy"

What state are you representing?

Month 2

How long have you been natural?
Going on 2 months.

Showing what is under the pink wrap

What’s the natural scene like in your area?
Women are rocking all different natural styles. I meet more of them
at a Whole Foods than on the street.

"I am wearing my pink for Breast Cancer Awareness and a deep conditioner."

Additional comments regarding your natural hair:
My hair is named Afia. I am just met hair and taking the time to
really get to know her. She is known be just like me. We others known
when they get to close to “our bubble.”

Would you like to “Rep Your State”?

If so, please fill out the form here: Natural-ness in the States. I will be glad to accept more than one entry from the same state. Let’s see what state will be represented the most! Once I get at least 20 submissions, I will randomly choose one lucky person for a special giveaway!

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