My Six Year Natural Hair Journey

I created this video in celebration of my 6 year nappiversary!  I first chopped the relaxer out of my hair on July 26, 2005.  Now six years later, I’m still “keeping it nappy”.  If you are interested in seeing more pictures of the styles shown in this video, please check out the following links:

Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Years 5 & 6

By the way, the song used in this video, “The Natural Hair Song”, was written and performed by Anitra Jay ( You can download the song for free at:

LV – A Brief Hair History

I was checking out Curlynikki’s website today and there was an interesting question from a reader.  The reader was asking about hair histories and if there is hope in growing hair longer than you’ve ever had with natural hair.  It made me realize that I never gave a hair history on my own hair.  First – to answer the question, I was able to grow hair longer than I’ve ever had.  The proof?  Here is my brief hair history:

I was one of those babies that was born with a head full of hair, but within months, most of it rubbed off.  I would say that I am probably 4  months old in this picture and I’m definitely hair challenged at the top – 🙂

Here I am somewhere in the toddler years.  Once again, my hair was not incredibly long.  My daughter’s hair is currently a lot longer than mine was at her age.

Here is my high school graduation picture.  In between this and my toddler picture, I had presses, relaxers and even a Jerri Curl (yuck).  My hair usually averaged about this length, but I did have short styles at times.

Here I am with hubby.  I lightened the picture up so you can see my hair a bit better.  Again, this was about the average length of my hair.  I’ve been lucky to have had any hair, because I never took great care of my relaxed hair.  I would go up to six months between relaxers because I never wanted to spend the money.  Hair washing?  Let’s just say that I avoided doing it very often because I did not want to loose the straightness and I was never any good at doing my own hair when relaxed.

Here’s my first big chop in July 2005.  I went from over 12 inches to less than 1, but look how damaged my relaxed hair was:

Can you say- see through ends?

This is my 1 year nappiversary.

This was taken in January 2007.

You can see the date of this picture, February 2008.  As you can see, my hair is already longer than any of the relaxed pictures that I posted above.

This is my hair flat ironed in 2008, after 3 years of being natural.  When pulled, my hair was a little past bra strap length.

Here’s the front, much thicker and longer than any of my relaxed hair pictures.

This is my 2nd BC in August 2008. (Oops, I just realized that I got the date wrong.  I did my 2nd bc in August 2009 – sorry about that)!

And last, but not least, a stretch afro picture that I took about a week ago (November 30, 2010).  Better hair care and no chemicals has allowed me to grow hair longer than it ever was relaxed.  I’m curious to see how long my hair gets with this 2nd BC.  I’m going to try not to do any more BCs, just to see my hair growth potential.  Thanks for checking out my hair history!

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