September Hair Updates 2 (4 – 6 inches)

I was looking through some of my old archived hair pictures and decided that I missed my stretched afros.  The stretched afro was one of my favorite go-to styles during my first BC.  I have not been stretching my hair nearly as much after my 2nd BC, so I decided to wear one of my old styles. Here’s my stretched afro accessorized with a flower.

I don’t know why, but this style makes me feel so good.  I guess because it is a very ultra-feminine style.  I don’t know, I just like it.

The stretched afro is a great way to show off some of your length without using heat.

Check out my wash-n-go here: September Hair Updates to see how much of a difference hair stretching makes.  Note: the pictures of my wash-n-go and these stretched afro pictures were taken within days of each other.

Click below to see an old video of my hair stretching technique. Please note: This video is a few years old.  I do not currently use the same products and I now use a comb instead of a pick to shape my hair.  If you would like to see a newer version of my stretched afro technique, please let me know in a comment below.  If I get enough requests, I will put together a newer version of my stretched afro technique.  But for now, here’s the link to the old version:  Stretched Afro

September Hair Updates (4 – 6 inches)

Sorry about the lack of hair related updates yesterday.  Every once in a while something else captures my attention and I decide to post about it instead of hair stuff.  Also, I included the post about Walk It Out, because in order to grow healthy hair, it’s important to maintain our body’s health through a balanced diet and exercise.

Anyway, back to hair…here are pictures of my latest wash n go.  I like to include pictures of my hair in it’s wash n go state, because I think it’s important for people to see that it’s a great styling option when you are short on time.  Also, what better way to show off your unique hair texture, than when it’s in its most natural state.

When I wear a wash n go, I mean just that…wash and go.  I literally just wash it with conditioner , blot it with a towel (I never rub the towel over my hair, I just blot out the drips), allow the hair to air dry and go. Sometimes I’ll add a product to my hair (such as Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk – review coming soon), but in these pictures I did not add any products.

front view

top view

back view

Here is a texture shot.  My hair sort of coils up very tightly in the front and at the top.  Some spots of my head does not coil much at all. The longer I wear the wash n go (rewashing it every morning), the more it tends to coil. When I first BCed, I avoided the wash n go, because my hair was difficult (almost impossible) to detangle after wards.  After my 2nd BC, my hair does not tangle as bad.  Go figure.

September Hair Experiment: Two-strand twisted Bantu-Knots (4-6 inches)

I wrote about going to the Corinne Bailey Rae concert a few days ago (see that post here: Beautiful Voice, Great Performer, Gorgeous Hair). Well, I wanted to add a post about my look for the Corinne Bailey Rae concert. I was very excited to get a chance to see Corinne sing live, so I started thinking about what I wanted to do to my hair a few days ahead of time. I decided to try a new experiment. In August I posted about trying a Bantu Knot-out on my hair (see that post here: Bantu Knot-out). Well, I’ve always liked how my hair looks when I do a twist-out, so I decided to see what would happen to my hair if I combined two-strands twists with bantu-knots.

This is what I did: I grabbed a large section of hair, applied ORS Lock & Twist Gel to the section, combed the hair out to make sure that it was thoroughly detangled and began two-strand twisting it. After the hair was twisted, I then began to take the twisted hair and twist it upon itself until it was in a bantu knot (I have a feeling that I may have to put together a how-to video to show this process – if you want me to put together a video, please let me know in the comments below). I then secured the knot with an elastic band (just as I did in this post: Bantu Knotssorry about all the post references). I let these dry for a day and a half, then took them down and fluffed them up.  Here are my results:

Was the extra step worth the end result? I think so.  The first time I did a bantu knot-out, I liked it, but I did not get the dramatic results that I wanted.  By two-strand twisting the hair first, then twisting it into bantu knots, my hair had more of a defined texture.

Here is the back.  I think if you compare these pictures to the pictures I took after my first bantu knot-out, you will see that my hair is more defined this time around.

Here is the side view

Here is the top view.  Can you see the clumps of coils & curls?

Here’s another view of the side & back of my hair

The front of my hair really held the two-strand twisted texture well.

Here’s my overall look!

August Hair Experiment: Bantu Knot-Out (4-6 inches)

OK, so I woke up the next morning and began to untwist my knots (see yesterday’s Bantu-Knot post). I really liked the look of the knots and could see them lasting for a while – something to think about for the future.  They were hard to sleep on though.

Anyway, I started taking them down.  Now, I didn’t not get the exact results that I was looking for, but I really loved what I did get.  I wore the same bantu knot-out for two days.  On the third day, I washed my hair and reknotted my hair for a new bantu knot-out  (I’m wearing these knots now as I type this).

My bantu knot-out resulted in a cute curly afro.

The texture was very different than a twist-out (and much quicker to accomplish).  It was also not as big as a stretched afro would be.

Here’s the back. The knots created clumps of twists and curves.

Here’s another texture shot.  I think the bantu knot-out will be one of my quick go-to styles when I don’t know what I want to do with my hair.

Here’s my overall look for the day.

August Hair Experiment: Bantu-Knots (4-6 inches)

I am very glad that my sister, Coco, is now a writer for this website, because I am not nearly as experimental with my hair as she is.  I tend to stick with a few proven, easy styles (partly due to lack of time, I’m a home school mom – enough said :)), while she practically has a new style every week.  Well, I decided to break the mold and try something new with my hair.  I was looking through Curly Nikki’s website, when I saw a post about Bantu Knot-outs.  The ladies on the post had some gorgeous results, but they all had longer hair.  I decided that I wanted to see what a Bantu Knot-out would look on shorter hair.  So I washed my hair and proceeded to twist my hair into knots.  Here is what Bantu Knots ended up looking like:

Here’s the front of my Bantu Knots.  Check out my website in the background.

Here the side/back.  I never intended on wearing these out, so I didn’t brother trying to part my hair.  I just grabbed and twisted.

My hair is too short for the knots to stay on their own, so I used cloth bands to hold them.  I wish I could have parted my hair (I’m not very good at making straight parts on my own head), because I wouldn’t mind wearing this style out (without the multi-colored bands though).

I’ll post the results of my Bantu Knot-out tomorrow, so be sure to check back!

August Hair Updates – Interesting Picture Effect (4 – 6 inches)

I discovered an interesting picture effect while visiting a local aquarium. Sitting next to the large aquarium and angling the camera just right, you get a cool reflection effect.  Check it out:

Here’s my picture next to the aquarium.

Here’s my sister, Co’s picture

Here’s my dear daughter’s picture. You can actually see one of the fish in her picture.

I also took pictures like this of my mom and son.  They all came out pretty cool.

August Hair Updates (4 – 6 inches)

Here are various pictures of a cornrow/one strand twist combination.  One-strand twists were created by untwisting the two-strands of my two-strand twists.  I mentioned before in some of my old archived pictures that one strand twists create a slightly different texture, which is a little more defined than a twist-out.

I later used a scarf to cover up the cornrows to create yet another variation of the look. Two-strand twists are a versatile styling option that can be used to create various looks.

The last picture is of my dear daughter and I showing off of braid/twist outs.  (click pictures to view larger)

All Braided & Twisted Up

Here are a few pictures of my daughter and I with our braids/twists. My hair is cornrowed in the front and two-strand twisted in the back.  My DD’s (dear daughter’s) hair is cornrowed and beaded, with one row of box braids in the back.  I just appreciated getting a break from doing any hair for the next two weeks or so.  Yay! Click the pictures to see full sized.

July Hair Updates 2 (4 – 6 inches)

After growing tired of wearing the cornrows with the afro (I wasn’t satisfied with it, because it wasn’t a stretched afro), I decided to go ahead and do two-strand twists in the back.  I re-braided the front, with two braids on one side and three on the other,   then began to grab and twist.  Below are the results, be sure to click the pictures to see the full picture.

July Hair Updates (4 – 6 inches)

Here’s a style that I had not done since my 2nd BC.  I cornrowed the front of my hair and left the back in an afro.  A stretched afro would have really made this style stand out, but I decided not to stretch it.  Another variation (not pictured) is the cornrow front/puff back combination. Be sure to click the pictures to see them full size.

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