January Hair Updates (0-3 inches)

It’s been a while since my last hair update, but I’ve been wearing my hair in a simple wash-n-go since doing the second BC back in August. My hair has grown some (it’s almost 3 inches now). Here are my latest picture updates: 0126washngo31




October Hair Updates (0-3 inches)






Here are my latest TWA pictures.  I just wanted to show that you can absolutely enjoy sporting your TWA.  Remember to keep it sexy and work it ladies 🙂

September Hair Updates (0-3 inches)

Here are a few pictures taken about a month after my 2nd big chop. Check out my long sleeve Naturalness shirt.






August Hair Updates (0-3 inches)




My Hair Routine (0-3 inches of hair)

routinepicWhen I did my second BC, I promised those that decided to BC with me or who had already BCed that we would start this journey together.  I’m sorry if you felt that I’ve left you hanging.  I wanted to test out a few products before I laid out my current hair routine.  This time around, I notice that my hair is a lot softer and less dry than my first BC (no scab hair).  For those new to natural hair, scab hair is the hair that is damaged under your scalp from the use of relaxers.  Many find this hair to be very dry and brittle feeling (like a brillo pad) when they are begining their natural journey.  Mine was very dry the first time (see My Journey Through the Lengthsin the archived section of the website for my info).  If you are BCing for the first time, the My Journey Through the Lengths may be helpful to you if you are having dry hair issues.

If not, you may find my current routine to be useful in giving you ideas when coming up with your own hair routine. Just remember that I am no expert on hair care. This info is strictly based on trial and error.

Current Product Rotation

Plain Distilled water mixed with Gro Sheen 7 Oils

Cantu Shea Butter Moisturizing Rinse Out Conditioner

Organics Texture My Way

Black Soap

Current Routine

I wash my hair in the morning with the Cantu Conditioner.  If my hair requires extra cleaning, I use the Black Soap to give it a little extra cleaning.  I gently towel blot my hair (not completely dry, just so it is not dripping).  I then spritz it with the water & oil mixture (please note that any oil will do.  I use whatever I have on hand).  I then put a small amount of the Texture My Way into my hair (note that the Texture My Way can leave product build-up, so I use a mild shampoo every once in a while to remove the build-up). I then brush my hair and go.  My routine takes me a total of about 10 minutes a day. Yay for the TWA!!

Short N Sassy

Here are additional pictures of my new closely cropped TWA. You just can’t beat the ease of caring for this style. So far, once people get over the initial shock that I cut off the fro, they like it a lot.

2nd Big Chop


img_1111For those who have been visiting my website for a while – no the pictures are not deceiving you, after growing my hair out for the past four years, I finally decided to do a 2nd big chop.  I made this decision for a few different reasons.  One reason was that I really missed the ease of caring for the TWA and I always felt that if my hair became too much to deal with, I would rather cut it back down to a TWA rather than relax it.

The second reason why I decided to do a 2nd big chop is that I hope that it would inspire someone who is wanting to go natural, but is hanging on to relaxed ends, because they are afraid of the big chop.  Society teaches us that to be beautiful, you must have long straight hair.  On the surface level, we know that a woman’s beauty comes from the inside and is not dependant on hair, but there is a little voice deep inside that still buys into society’s standard of beauty.  Ladies, if I am speaking to you right now, just know that if you decide that you would like to go natural you are not alone.  I am beginning the journey all over again with you.  Go ahead and chop and we can go through this journey together.

By the way, if you would like to see pictures of my first big chop and the growth that I experienced afterward, check out the links under the Archives in the menu above or click here for newer natural hair photos: 2008/2009 Natural Hair Pictures.


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