Ghana Plaits: Another Way to Stretch Hair

When I decided to try the Ghana Plait style a few weeks ago, I was motivated by a second reason – it’s a great way to stretch your hair!  Here is my hair after I removed my Ghana Plait Bun:

After I removed all of the thread, this is how my hair looked.

I like stretching my hair out this way better than doing the braid method, because it requires less combing.  I do not like to use combs on my hair when it is dry.

I was still on vacation when these pictures were taken and although I brought a lot of hair products and tools with me, I did not bring all that I needed.  So, I did not have a lot of styling options after I took the Ghana Plaits down.

One last view of my stretched hair.

Since I did not have everything that I needed for my hair, I went ahead and opted for a puff (I also had no gel, so my puff was not very smooth…I did have my flower though 🙂 ) – Click picture to enlarge

To smooth back my puff (when there was no gel in sight), I sprayed the front of my hair with water and used coconut oil as a gel replacement.  It wasn’t perfect, but it worked – click picture to enlarge.

By the way, these pictures were taken at the Viejas Outlet Stores in Alpine California, next to the Viejas Casino – beautiful place 🙂



Flat Twist Experiment

I decided to try something new again. I was on YouTube the other day and saw someone doing a similar style and thought it was interesting so I decided to do something close to it.

First I parted my hair in 5 sections (3 in the front, 2 in the back).

Then I flat twists both of the sides in the front and bantu knotted the ends.

Next I flat twisted and bantu knotted the center. I had an extra twist in the front so I added it in with one of the side twists.

Then I put 8 chunky braids in the back in preparation for a twist-out.

I really didn’t like the results of the twistout so I only wore it for a day.

Since I didn’t like the twistout, I wet it the next day and wore a fro. Didn’t like that either. So…

I put the back in a puff the following day and I liked that look a lot better.

Braid-Out Experiment

I was looking for different ways to do my braids out now that I love them so much. Here is what I did:

I had one section done in cornrow braids and I divided the remaining hair in chunky braids.

The next day, I took down the chunky braids and that’s all there is to it.

Hopefully, I’ll get 3 – 5 days out of this hairstyle. If not, I’ll just redo the chunky braids and try to get some more days out of it.

This video can be viewed on YouTube at

Curlformer Experiment

I tried putting curlformers on one side of my head and stretched the rest using the two strand twist method.

The next morning I undid my twists and put my hair in a stretched puff (didn’t stretch good at all).

Then I took out the curlformers for a side bang. I used a better styling spray this time and my hair just didn’t curl the way I would have liked.

I wasn’t too happy with the results and only wore my hair like this for a day but I think this style would be real cute if you have hair that is curl friendly.

Hair Stretching Technique Results

Here is my hair before using the stretching technique:

Here is my hair after using the stretching technique:

I had too much product in my hair so it didn’t dry over night causing it to shrink in the front, so I put my hair in a stretched out puff:

I actually received a better stretch as a result of using curlformers:

Check the video out below– Hair Stretching Technique, or at via YouTube

September Hair Experiment: Two-strand twisted Bantu-Knots (4-6 inches)

I wrote about going to the Corinne Bailey Rae concert a few days ago (see that post here: Beautiful Voice, Great Performer, Gorgeous Hair). Well, I wanted to add a post about my look for the Corinne Bailey Rae concert. I was very excited to get a chance to see Corinne sing live, so I started thinking about what I wanted to do to my hair a few days ahead of time. I decided to try a new experiment. In August I posted about trying a Bantu Knot-out on my hair (see that post here: Bantu Knot-out). Well, I’ve always liked how my hair looks when I do a twist-out, so I decided to see what would happen to my hair if I combined two-strands twists with bantu-knots.

This is what I did: I grabbed a large section of hair, applied ORS Lock & Twist Gel to the section, combed the hair out to make sure that it was thoroughly detangled and began two-strand twisting it. After the hair was twisted, I then began to take the twisted hair and twist it upon itself until it was in a bantu knot (I have a feeling that I may have to put together a how-to video to show this process – if you want me to put together a video, please let me know in the comments below). I then secured the knot with an elastic band (just as I did in this post: Bantu Knotssorry about all the post references). I let these dry for a day and a half, then took them down and fluffed them up.  Here are my results:

Was the extra step worth the end result? I think so.  The first time I did a bantu knot-out, I liked it, but I did not get the dramatic results that I wanted.  By two-strand twisting the hair first, then twisting it into bantu knots, my hair had more of a defined texture.

Here is the back.  I think if you compare these pictures to the pictures I took after my first bantu knot-out, you will see that my hair is more defined this time around.

Here is the side view

Here is the top view.  Can you see the clumps of coils & curls?

Here’s another view of the side & back of my hair

The front of my hair really held the two-strand twisted texture well.

Here’s my overall look!

August Hair Experiment: Bantu Knot-Out (4-6 inches)

OK, so I woke up the next morning and began to untwist my knots (see yesterday’s Bantu-Knot post). I really liked the look of the knots and could see them lasting for a while – something to think about for the future.  They were hard to sleep on though.

Anyway, I started taking them down.  Now, I didn’t not get the exact results that I was looking for, but I really loved what I did get.  I wore the same bantu knot-out for two days.  On the third day, I washed my hair and reknotted my hair for a new bantu knot-out  (I’m wearing these knots now as I type this).

My bantu knot-out resulted in a cute curly afro.

The texture was very different than a twist-out (and much quicker to accomplish).  It was also not as big as a stretched afro would be.

Here’s the back. The knots created clumps of twists and curves.

Here’s another texture shot.  I think the bantu knot-out will be one of my quick go-to styles when I don’t know what I want to do with my hair.

Here’s my overall look for the day.

August Hair Experiment: Bantu-Knots (4-6 inches)

I am very glad that my sister, Coco, is now a writer for this website, because I am not nearly as experimental with my hair as she is.  I tend to stick with a few proven, easy styles (partly due to lack of time, I’m a home school mom – enough said :)), while she practically has a new style every week.  Well, I decided to break the mold and try something new with my hair.  I was looking through Curly Nikki’s website, when I saw a post about Bantu Knot-outs.  The ladies on the post had some gorgeous results, but they all had longer hair.  I decided that I wanted to see what a Bantu Knot-out would look on shorter hair.  So I washed my hair and proceeded to twist my hair into knots.  Here is what Bantu Knots ended up looking like:

Here’s the front of my Bantu Knots.  Check out my website in the background.

Here the side/back.  I never intended on wearing these out, so I didn’t brother trying to part my hair.  I just grabbed and twisted.

My hair is too short for the knots to stay on their own, so I used cloth bands to hold them.  I wish I could have parted my hair (I’m not very good at making straight parts on my own head), because I wouldn’t mind wearing this style out (without the multi-colored bands though).

I’ll post the results of my Bantu Knot-out tomorrow, so be sure to check back!

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