Global Natural-ness in: South Africa

I love all of the feature submissions that I receive, but along with my New Natural submissions, Global Natural-ness submissions hold a special place in my heart.  I’m humbled when I receive them, because it shows just how small the world really is in that we can learn from and be inspired from ladies all over the globe.  Please give a warm welcome to Fadzayi:


What country do you live in?
South Africa

How long have you been natural?
18 Months

In America, being natural is seen by mainstream culture as rebellious
or unaccepted. Is it the same in your country, or are people more
accepting of natural hair/beauty?
Being natural is definitely a new trend that a lot of women are
starting to follow. It used to be seen as being old fashioned or not
keeping on trend but now old is the new new!

Additional comments regarding your natural hair:
My decision to go natural was not a long drawn out one, I was walking
past a barber shop and I just went in and asked them to shave my head
totally out of the blue. My hair had been damaged by a weave I kept in
for too long and I was trying to nurse it back to health. when that
barbers chair was turned around and I saw myself the real me for the
first time in a long time, I never looked back!

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