Global Natural-ness in: Honduras

It has been a while since we’ve last updated the site, so I was very surprised and pleased to receive a new submission to our Global Natural-ness showcase.  Please give a warm welcome to Claysie from Honduras, Central America!

Bantu Knot Out My Version


What country do you live in?
Honduras, Central America

Big Chopped - 1.5 inches of Hair Left

How long have you been natural?
On August 28th 2012 – Will Have 6 months.

First Time 2 Strand Twists on 2 inch Hair

In America, being natural is seen by mainstream culture as rebellious
or unaccepted. Is it the same in your country, or are people more
accepting of natural hair/beauty?
Here in Central America, relaxed hair more accepted for black girls to
have, natural hair is viewed as nappy and unkempt and labeled as
“Bad Hair”. It is hilarious because were I live, it’s a tropical
island, so getting your hair done every month is not cheap and it’s
very hard to find hair products that will work with relaxed hair!!!

One of the main reasons Moms relaxed their little girls hair is
because as the child grows, the hair texture changes from smooth curly
hair to very tight kinky coils and they do not know how to handle it,
so poor Mom tries to comb the hair and of course the poor child is in
pain, so both are traumatized and Creamy Crack becomes their Best

More girls are going natural, but they keep their hair short because
they feel to grow their hair longer means a lot of work, so a lot of
the gals keep their hair in the TWA Stage most of the time. Some do
grow their hair quite long but keep it ALWAYS pinned up in a bun, so
you really cannot admire the beauty of their hair.

Now as for reactions from others, it varies, there are alot of Ohh’s
and Ahh’s, smiles and of course the touching to see if it’s real which
is so funny many times. The Latins and Foreigners love natural hair,
it is from them, that we as naturals get the most compliments, you
just gotta love it!!!

Messy Hair Day so to the Scarves - 4 inches of Hair

Additional comments regarding your natural hair:
Love my hair so here is my Hair Story: One of my dearest friends went
Natural and fell in love and tried to get me to do it, of course I
said no way, but after a while, I was convinced by her and my aunty to
do for it so I did and my sister joined in.

I transitioned for 4 months starting from November 11th 2011, Big
Chopped on February 28th 2012 with 1 ½ inch of Natural Hair, loved
the feeling and the look!!!! Currently have 4 inches of natural hair
at 6 months.

Mom did Braids - Hair at 4 inches - Yay!!

Hair type is 4B, very kinky and poofy, hardly any curl definition, I
have been using an Okra Treatment because she was very thin, but now
it’s nice and thick so I am happy except when I have to style it in 2
strand twists, takes about 3 to 4 hours but worth it, because I leave
it in for 2 weeks.

I did not know how to take care of my relaxed hair and hardly ever
retained any length, so I have no regrets at all.

Cut off all heat and only use shampoo once a month, wash my hair
weekly with Conditioner, VO5 is my favorite right now, try to get the
ones that say “Moisturizing”, use a variety of Oils on my hair,
Olive, Carrot, Soybean, Almond, Coconut (My favorite, light but great
for shine and softness).

I agree with keeping it simple, try new things but don’t spend too
much money because it’s not necessary, as long as you try to keep
your hair healthy with a nice sheen, then no worries, thanks for
reading and take care.

Twist Out at 4.1 inches!!!!

Thank you Claysie for sharing your journey with us!

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