Multi-style Two Strand Twists

I saw someone with hairstyle similar this on Tumblr so I decided to give it a try myself and I loved the results. I wore this hairdo in three different styles but there is a lot more that can be done with it.

Style #1 – As-is.

Style #2 – Sides clipped back with pompadour.

Style #3 – Sides clipped back with bangs.

This is my favorite two strand twist style to date. I’m sure I will be revisiting this style again in the future.

[Video] One-Sided Two Strand Twists

I wanted to try something new for the New Year. So, I two-strand flat twisted one side of my hair and did single two strand twists on the other side. Here are the results.





I washed and conditioned my hair with Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner. Then, I pat dry and add Bronner Bros Moisturizing Growth Lotion Hair Strengthener. Finally, I detangle and style my hair. I applied Softee Indian Hemp to my scalp and ORS Smooth-n-Hold Pudding on my ends.

See video below for step-by-step instructions on how I created this style:

Video: 1st Frohawk Attempt

I have been wanting to try a frohawk for awhile now but everytime I tried I couldn’t figure out how to flat twist the sides on my own. I was use to flat twisting the front of my hair but going all the way back was a challenge for sure. On this attempt, my left side was pretty easy to do once I got my hand placement right but my right side was a challenge. However, I managed to get it done.

Here are the results:

For the 4th of July I decided to wear a pompadour in the front. I got a lot of compliments today with this style.

If you would like to try this style, check out my how-to video below:

Flat Twist Experiment

I decided to try something new again. I was on YouTube the other day and saw someone doing a similar style and thought it was interesting so I decided to do something close to it.

First I parted my hair in 5 sections (3 in the front, 2 in the back).

Then I flat twists both of the sides in the front and bantu knotted the ends.

Next I flat twisted and bantu knotted the center. I had an extra twist in the front so I added it in with one of the side twists.

Then I put 8 chunky braids in the back in preparation for a twist-out.

I really didn’t like the results of the twistout so I only wore it for a day.

Since I didn’t like the twistout, I wet it the next day and wore a fro. Didn’t like that either. So…

I put the back in a puff the following day and I liked that look a lot better.

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