My Locs Are Two Years Old Today!!

I’ve been loc’d up for 2 years with no regrets. I don’t miss my loose natural hair at all. i wish I would have been brave enough to loc my hair sooner. I receive a lot of compliments on my hair. Most people can’t tell that my hair is actually loc’d, I think it’s due to my texture. My hair is kind of fuzzy and I don’t think it’ll ever change but it makes them unique so I don’t mind it much.

To the left are pictures from day 1 and to the right are pictures from year 2.

20130524_152523  20150517_142507

Two year milestone: The front of my hair is finally long enough to put into a ponytail.



I am looking forward for many more years to come!

Loc Journey | First Attempt at Loc Petals

This weekend I tried my hand at doing Loc Petals. I am a year and a half into my loc journey. For the past 6 months I’ve been doing my locs myself and this is the first time I tried to do a style besides two strand  twists. Below are the results.





1 Year Loc’d Up

I’ve been heavily medicated all last week so I’m late posting this. May 24th marked 1 year of me being loc’d. I love it to death. I do not regret doing it at all.

May 25, 2013

May 24, 2014

The first picture was taken on day 1 of my journey and the second was taken a year later. It’s hard to see any growth because I had my head tilted back on the first picture but you can certainly see the difference in texture.

I decided to have it styled in a mohawk this time around.

Loc Journey | 11 Month Retwist & Style

Loc Journey | 9 Month Retwist & Style

A Good Day To Be Black & Sexy T-shirt from


















Loc Journey | 8-1/2 Month Retwist & Style

Shirt courtesy of

7 Month Update: First Retwist & Style of the Year

This is a late post. I had hair retwisted and styled on January 4th. My first retwist of the year.

Dreadlock Update: 6-1/2 Months Retwist & Style

I went to the salon and got retwisted and styled yesterday. Here are the results:


5-1/2 Month Retwist & Style

This is a late post. I went back to the salon this weekend and got my hair professionally retwisted and styled. Here is the results:

Top View


Back View


Left Side


Right Side

First Wash & Retwist on My Own Locs

Since I started my loc journey 4-1/2 months I was getting them professionally retwisted and styled. Due to the government shutdown I was forced to wash and retwist my locs on my own. I’m a contractor with the government and don’t need to spend money unnecessarily until I’m back at work.

Here is how I did it. First, I applied an ACV wash to cleanse my scalp. Then I washed with Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Soap (I diluted it with half water). Finally, I applied Nature’s Blessings on the scalp and retwisted with ORS Smooth and Hold Pudding.

Here are the results:

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