Style Share: Dawn with a TWA Wash-N-Go

I am happy to present another Style Share feature.  This time we have Dawn showing why the TWA (teeny weeny afro)  just can’t be beat! She keeps this feature short and simple with a gorgeous wash-n-go!

Style: TWA

Hair Length: 2-3 inches

Products used: Suave Coconut Conditioner, evoo [extra virgin olive oil] or coconut oil, aloe vera gel

Steps taken to create this style: wash and go [I love it and it doesn’t get any easier than that! – LV]

Do you have a fierce style or a hair experiment gone right that you would like to share? If so, please click here to submit your info: Style Share

Video: Wash-N-Go on Type 4 Hair

The purpose of this video is to show type 4s that we can also enjoy wash-n-go hair without applying a ton of products. This was supposed to be another short style quickie video, but I decided to add a lot of pictures, making this video over 3 minutes.  So here’s my wash-n-go hair in its most natural state!

Flat Twist Experiment

I decided to try something new again. I was on YouTube the other day and saw someone doing a similar style and thought it was interesting so I decided to do something close to it.

First I parted my hair in 5 sections (3 in the front, 2 in the back).

Then I flat twists both of the sides in the front and bantu knotted the ends.

Next I flat twisted and bantu knotted the center. I had an extra twist in the front so I added it in with one of the side twists.

Then I put 8 chunky braids in the back in preparation for a twist-out.

I really didn’t like the results of the twistout so I only wore it for a day.

Since I didn’t like the twistout, I wet it the next day and wore a fro. Didn’t like that either. So…

I put the back in a puff the following day and I liked that look a lot better.

Video: Stretched Afro

I finally got around to creating a new Stretched Afro how-to video (see my old video here: Stretched Afro).  In the process, I stumbled upon a new technique.  Rather than use a comb or pick this time, I used my Tangle Teezer (see my note below).  The result was a very fluffy afro.

Note: I was checking out Curly Nikki’s site and she posted an updated review on the Tangle Teezer, saying that it may have caused excessive split ends in her hair.  Some of the other commenters agreed. I wanted to make sure that you all knew that some people have had this happen , thinking it may have been caused by the Tangle Teezer.  If you are interested in doing a stretched afro without using the Tangle Teezer, you can use my old method of combing the hair out with a comb (also mentioned in the video).  Whatever you use, the key is to be gentle with your hair!

Here are a few pictures of my latest stretched afro, along with the new video:

FAQ: LV’s Hair Type

This is somewhat of a follow-up to the poll I posted here: Hair Typing – Valuable or Not.  There were a fair number of people who voted that they find hair typing valuable or who were somewhere in the middle.  Over the years, I’ve been asked about my hair type several times and I’ve never had an answer.  Rather than assign a number/letter value to it, I decided to put together a short video to let anyone who is interested determine my hair type for themselves.  I hope this helps!

By the way, my sister Coco has also posted some information on her hair type, available here: My Curl Pattern

December Hair – Stretched Afro (6 – 9 inches)

This post is for those who are feeling frustrated, because they’ve grown their natural hair out, but cannot show off their hair length due to shrinkage.  Here are pictures of my last stretched afro:

This afro was achieved by washing my hair, dividing my hair into 8 – 10 large braids (adding coconut oil to each section before braiding) and allowing the braids to dry.

After the braids have dried, the braids are removed and gently combed out.  After the hair is combed out, it can be finger styled into the desire shape.

If what I just wrote makes absolutely no sense 🙂 , you can check out the instructions in video form here: Stretched Afro (This video is one of my older videos.  A new video is probably in order.  Please let me know if you’re interested in an updated video)

The coconut oil helps to add a non greasy shine that I’ve never experienced before.  Using coconut oil is new to me, but now I’m a believer!

Can you see how shiny the coconut oil makes the hair?  Believe me, I can touch my hair and it is not greasy at all.  It feels very soft.

The stretched afro has helped me get through more than one frustrating hair period and best best part is that it doesn’t require heat like a blow out.  No heat = less damage

Coco’s Nappiversary

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my second big chop. My hair has grown from about 2 inches to 9 inches. This time around I have been more experimental in trying new things with my hair.

Check the video out — It’s My Nappiversary below or at: via YouTube

September Hair Updates 2 (4 – 6 inches)

I was looking through some of my old archived hair pictures and decided that I missed my stretched afros.  The stretched afro was one of my favorite go-to styles during my first BC.  I have not been stretching my hair nearly as much after my 2nd BC, so I decided to wear one of my old styles. Here’s my stretched afro accessorized with a flower.

I don’t know why, but this style makes me feel so good.  I guess because it is a very ultra-feminine style.  I don’t know, I just like it.

The stretched afro is a great way to show off some of your length without using heat.

Check out my wash-n-go here: September Hair Updates to see how much of a difference hair stretching makes.  Note: the pictures of my wash-n-go and these stretched afro pictures were taken within days of each other.

Click below to see an old video of my hair stretching technique. Please note: This video is a few years old.  I do not currently use the same products and I now use a comb instead of a pick to shape my hair.  If you would like to see a newer version of my stretched afro technique, please let me know in a comment below.  If I get enough requests, I will put together a newer version of my stretched afro technique.  But for now, here’s the link to the old version:  Stretched Afro

September Hair Updates (4 – 6 inches)

Sorry about the lack of hair related updates yesterday.  Every once in a while something else captures my attention and I decide to post about it instead of hair stuff.  Also, I included the post about Walk It Out, because in order to grow healthy hair, it’s important to maintain our body’s health through a balanced diet and exercise.

Anyway, back to hair…here are pictures of my latest wash n go.  I like to include pictures of my hair in it’s wash n go state, because I think it’s important for people to see that it’s a great styling option when you are short on time.  Also, what better way to show off your unique hair texture, than when it’s in its most natural state.

When I wear a wash n go, I mean just that…wash and go.  I literally just wash it with conditioner , blot it with a towel (I never rub the towel over my hair, I just blot out the drips), allow the hair to air dry and go. Sometimes I’ll add a product to my hair (such as Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk – review coming soon), but in these pictures I did not add any products.

front view

top view

back view

Here is a texture shot.  My hair sort of coils up very tightly in the front and at the top.  Some spots of my head does not coil much at all. The longer I wear the wash n go (rewashing it every morning), the more it tends to coil. When I first BCed, I avoided the wash n go, because my hair was difficult (almost impossible) to detangle after wards.  After my 2nd BC, my hair does not tangle as bad.  Go figure.

August Hair Updates 3 (4 – 6 inches)

Excuse me while I do a happy dance for a moment *dance, dance, dance* …OK, I just had to celebrate briefly.  What am I celebrating? Two things actually: 1) I am one post away from finally moving all of my old archived information over to this new blog format (except Val & Nadine), and 2) It has been 1 year since I BCed for the 2nd time! Now it’s not really a nappiversary, because I first BCed five years ago, but another year of healthy hair growth is always cause for celebration.  Just to recap, here’s my hair a year ago when I BCed for the 2nd time:

And here are my updates from just a few days ago (click to enlarge):

I’m looking forward to another year of healthy happy hair!  Have you BCed this past year?  If you are a new natural, who has been natural for less than a year, please click the New Naturals showcase link in the green bar above. Not a new natural, but would still like to be showcased?  Click the “Natural-ness in the States” link in the green bar above to “rep your state”!

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