2011 Tennessee Natural Hair Expo Vendor Directory # 3

So sorry for procrastinating on posting the vendor information for the Arkansas, Mississippi  and Tennessee Vendors from the expo.  This list is long, but I hope someone finds it helpful!


Nakia Amour

contact: Nakia Dedner

website: www.naturalkinkyandcurly.com

phone: 501-240-9045

my notes: I don’t remember the table at the expo, but the website has a lot of information on natural hair care and transitioning.  There is also a large array of Nakia Amour products on the site. The website is definitely worth checking out.


Unique Designs by Sandy

designer/creator: Sandy Gibson

location: 2580 Valley Brook Rd., Horn Lake, MS 38631

phone: 901-606-4601

my notes: Sandy stood out for me, because he was the only male at the expo that specialized in handcrafted jewelry


Roufie, owner of Afrik Trends and I (LV)

Afrik Trends

(braids, twists, locs, weaves)

owner: Roufie

address: 4945 American Way Suite 6, Memphi

phone: 901-363-3201

web & email: www.afriktrends.comhttps://www.facebook.com/AFRIKTRENDS, info@afriktrends.com

my notes: I’ve been aware of the Afrik Trends hair salon for a while after getting an email from the owner, Roufie, asking permission to post my Val & Nadine comics on her website.  I finally had a chance to meet her at the expo. The Afrik Trends website include hair recipes (you must check this page out, it includes a chart with the natural botanicals needed to help with almost any hair issue you may be having). There is also info on training seminars and a store where you can purchase a number of accessories.  By the way, you can purchase curl formers there at wholesale prices!

Anago Samina Handmade Originals

contact: Brittany Lewis

phone: 901-336-1349

web & email: www.anagosamina.com, info@anagosamina.com

my notes: This was one of the first tables that we checked out at the expo.  They specialize in all natural herbal shampoos, herb infused oils and moisturizing creams.  All of their products are handmade and fresh upon order.  They smell really nice also!

Angel’s Jewelry

phone: 901-236-9653

my notes: Angel’s Jewelry specialized in handmade items, jewelry parties, special events and more.

Brownskin Clothing Company

Honey shirt - available at the Brown Skin Clothing Company online store

web: www.ilovemybrownskin.com

phone: 615-669-6625 (Nashville)

my notes: I remember the table for this company because of the representative’s beautiful hair (see picture).  We are so sorry that we didn’t find out if she is the owner or not.  The shirt she’s wearing in the picture is available at the online store.

Bubble Bistro

locations: Midtown Memphis 425 N. Watkins St., 38104, phone – 901-272-2300

East Memphis 7060 Winchester Rd., 38125, phone – 901-264-9344

web: www.bubblebistro.com

my notes: The Bubble Bistro specializes in what they call “handmade skin food”.  They carry a large array of yummy smelling soaps, scrubz, body oils and lots of other items.

Exquisite Designs

contact: Chantelle Currie

location: 7060 Winchester Store L-1, Memphis

phone: 901-417-4872

my notes: Exquisite Designs is another source for unique custom costume jewelry.  She also specializes in home and private showings, fundraisers, parties and festivals.

Goulds Styling Salons

stylist: Teketa Kimbrough

location: Oak Court Mall, 4545 Poplar Ave. (2nd Floor Macy’s), Memphis 38117

phone: 901-766-2313

web: www.gouldsalons.com

Infinatenik Designs

contact: Nicole Dorsey

phone: 901-603-5487

my notes: Contact Nicole of Infinatenik Designs if you are looking for makeup, face and body art.  She also specializes in waxing, facials, body treatments, henna tattoos and cosmetic makeup.  I had a chance to see some of her work at the expo.  She’s very talented!

Legacy Locks & Natural Styles

contact: “Hair Deva” Pearl Eva Walker

location: 4466 Elvis Presley Ste. 164, Memphis 38116

phone: 901-348-8900, cell 901-289-6909

my notes: Known all over Memphis, the “Hair Deva” is a writer, instructor, and host of “A Kinky Conversation” live internet talk show on innerlightradio.com, Tuesdays 8-9pm CST.  I had the opportunity to attend her workshop at the expo, entitled “God Created Natural Hair” .  She offered a ton of information on natural hair and is very informative when it comes to coloring natural hair.

Ma-Di Seven Arts/Urban Chocolate Boutique

contact: Kimberly A. Brown

phone: 901-463-0697

contact: Dian Brown

phone: 901-398-6101

web: www.urchocolateboutique.com

Makeover Studio

contact: TaShieka Simmons, professional hair designer

location: 4780 Riverdale #15, Memphis

phone: 901-758-5007, 901-634-3016

It was cool finally meeting a few of our blog visitors!

Memphis Naturals

web: http://www.meetup.com/Memphis-Naturals/ currently relocating to facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/121534827897044/?ap=1

Nappy Hair is Happy Hair

stylist: Veronica Taylor

location: 3540 Summer Ave, Memphis 38122

phone: 901-826-6885

my notes: She specializes in locs, loc extensions, loc repair, natural hair care, loc styles.

A Natural Affair Beauty Lounge

Takeisha Berry - Brooks: Owner of A Natural Affair

owner/ natural hair consultant: Takeisha Berry – Brooks

phone: 901-859-1113

natural hair consultant: Oneka Hill

phone: 901-315-5089

location: 376 South Perkins Ext. Ste. 207, Memphis 38117

new location (August 2011): 2847 Poplar Ave., Ste. 103

web: www.anaturalaffair.com

email: anaturalaffair@gmail.com

my notes: I attended Ms. Berry – Brooks workshop about transitioning to chemical-free hair.  She is very knowledgeable about natural hair.  I am considering taking my daughter in to her salon for a consultation and a trim. To get an appointment with Takeisha, you must book an appointment way ahead of time.  She does have Oneka Hill working with her, who is also very knowledgeable.  They will be adding more stylists once they move to their new location.

Natural Awakenings

publisher: Amy Doza

web: www.NAMemphis.com

phone: 901-590-2754

my notes: Natural Awakenings is a healthy living magazine serving the greater Memphis area.  Subscribe to their newsletter on their website!

Natural Opulence Hair & Scalp Therapy

owner/founder: Rochelle Woods

Natural Opulence Table, check out Rochelle's Gorgeous Hair!

web: www.naturalopulence.com

phone: 901-650-5476

my notes: Ms. Woods of Natural Opulence offers micro hair braiding, tree braiding, Ghana cornrows, twists extensions and more using her all natural hair products. Click the link to check out the large array of products available.  I remember her booth because of her gorgeous head of hair as well 🙂


contact: Tonya Tate

web: www.plentty.com

phone: 901-413-3458

my notes: There was no shortage of handmade jewelry at the expo.  Plentty offers luxe handmade fashion, accessories and home items.

Silhouette Mobile Boutique

owner, buyer, stylist: Timberly Wright

phone: 901-406-8089

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Silhouette-Style/230172456994148

my notes: I loved everything on display at Silhouette’s table at the expo

Touch of Essence MobileSpa & Products

contacts: Sicley & Ras Kuffour

phone: 901-257-8133/901-341-9690

my notes: Their services include manicures, facials, chair massages, reflexology, pedicure, paraffin wax and packages.  They also specialize in spa events and pamper sessions.

2011 Natural Hair Care & Wellness Expo

Finally!  This concludes my coverage of the 2011 Tennessee Natural Hair Expo Vendors.  For pictures of the vendor tables, check out the video below that Coco put together.

2011 Tennessee Natural Hair Expo Vendor Directory # 2

Continuing with our coverage of the 2011 Tennessee Natural Hair Care and Wellness Expo, here is the list of vendors from South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.  Also below is a video demonstration of a product, done on my hair, by Phyllis Allen, one of the co-owners of Simply Natural Organicals and Kinky Pride

South Carolina

Straight Up Natural

contacts: Steve & Erica

website: http://www.straightupnatural.com/

address: 82 Columbus St/ Hanover Corner, Charleston, SC 29403 – phone 843-557-3634

and Southern Style Beauty Salon, Walterboro, SC 29488 – phone – 843-490-0326

My notes: this is a great site to purchase shea butters, soaps and oils


MissShe Body Cocktails

owner: Sheila P. Driver

website: www.Missshe.net

phone: 404-918-0145

my notes: This site has very nice, great smelling gift baskets and sets.  I remember that the table presentation at the expo was beautiful and I liked a lot of her scented butters.

Virtuous Creations

owner: Vanessa Johnson

website: www.vcreations.biz

phone: 404-751-7087

my notes: I can’t recall this table at the expo.  I may have to take another look at Coco’s vender video, but checking out the website I notice that the site has a lot of hats, earrings and very unique feathered accessories.


location: Mall WestEnd Atlanta, GA

phone: 404-758-2153

my notes: This vender specializes in afrocentric clothing, oil, incense, hats, artifacts, art and jewelry.

Divine Clementine’s Dope Soap on a Rope


facebook fan page

phone: 404-997-8445

my notes: These are all natural, handmade goats milk and coconut milk soaps.


Phil Rich International (Natural Hair Studio)

website: www.philrichintl.com

phone: 407-522-9954

Simply Natural Organicals (SNO) & Kinky Pride

website: www.snonatural.com

phone: 407-522-9954

my notes: Here is a video of a product demonstration, done on me (LV), filmed by my sister Coco. Phyllis Allen of Simply Natural Organicals and Kinky Pride (www.snonatural.com or 407-522-9954) is showing how her Kinky Pride Herbal Hair and Scalp Therapy, Shea-Loe Butter and Lock & Twist Gel products help to seal in moisture while conditioning the hair and promoting hair growth. I have to say that I was very impressed by the products. My hair stayed curly and moist for days. I must get my hands on some of this stuff!

2011 Tennessee Natural Hair Expo Vendor Directory # 1

Coco and I had the opportunity to attend the first annual 2011 Tennessee Natural Hair & Wellness Expo.  I highly recommend that each and every one of you reading this attend at least one natural hair expo, get together or event if you have a chance.  It is definitely an incredible experience.  You can not beat the knowledge and support that you get at these types of events.  The natural hair classes were standing room only and there were times I had to stand, but I didn’t mind a bit.

While at the event, we took the time to walk around and check out every vendor’s table.  We collected so many business cards and spoke to so many vendors that we just could not let this information go to waste.  So over the next few days, I will be posting a bit of information on each vendor (and every business card) that I collected.  Meanwhile, Coco took pictures of each vendor table and has put together a video that she will be posting.

Our hope is that you all find some of the information helpful.  Maybe you’ll find a new stylist or find a fierce pair of earrings or a “must have” hair product using the information that we post.  I am going to attempt to list these by state or just the website if there is no state listed on the business card.  So here are the first few websites to check out:

La’ Bella Couture – Hand-crafted Earrings & Customized Accessories

facebook: facebook.com/LaBellaCouture1

website: www.labellacouture.net

My notes: If you love the feather earring trend, this is a great site to check out!

Very Prissy – The Unique Online Jewelry Boutique

Owner/Designer: Kelanie Hayes

Web: www.veryprissy.etsy.com

My notes:  I just took a look at the site and she has some gorgeous feather earrings for those that are into that trend!

Sarenzo Beads – Natural Hair Accessories & Jewelry

Owner – Sarah Elliott

Web: www.SarenzoBeads.com

My notes: I had a hard time leaving the Sarenzo Beads table without buying anything.  Her jewelry designs are absolutely gorgeous.  Check out the site and you’ll see a few familiar faces within the natural hair community wearing some of the Sarenzo Bead accessories.

What’s in Your Womb -book

Author:  Ma’at em Maakheru

Web: www.whatzinyourwomb.com

My notes: I did not get a chance to attend Ms. Maakheru’s class at this event, but I did have the opportunity to speak with her.  The information contained in this book sounds very interesting and is definitely something worth checking out.


So these are just the first of the many business cards and tables that we visited at the Expo.  I will be posting more throughout the week.  Please check back!


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