Pipe Cleaner Curls on Locs

20150815_132100This was my first attempt at pipe cleaner curls on my locs. It didn’t come out quite right but I still like the results. I had two problems:

  1. I sat under the dryer for 2 hours and my hair still wasn’t totally dry when I took out the pipe cleaners so some of the locs didn’t really curl but I like messy hair. 20150815_132426
  2. I have really fuzzy hair so the fuzz of my locs and the fuzz of the pipe cleaners acted as velcro so I had to peel some of my locs from the pipe cleaners.

I did notice that the drier areas of my hair didn’t stick much so if I had to do it all over again I’d probably do it at night so I could sleep with the pipe cleaners in my hair, giving them time to totally dry and for the curls to set . Or, I might just use flexi rods so I won’t have to worry about them sticking to locs like pipe cleaners.

Tools Used:
Pipe Cleaners
Aloe Vera Gel

20150815_092656Step by Step:

1. Prep pipe cleaners by bending one end to make a loop.

2. Wash hair.

3. Retwist locs one by one. Place the end of the individual loc on the pipe cleaner above the loop and start rolling pipe cleaner up the loc until you get to the scalp. Bend the free end of the pipe cleaner over the loc to secure it.

4. Repeat until entire head is done. Let locs dry completely before removing pipe cleaner.


For the visual learners, check out my video I posted on YouTube:

Two Strand Twists Loc Petals

11391296_1009770515724316_8832071822667098488_n Most Loc Petals I’ve seen have been on really long locs. My locs are medium length so it’s muc easier to do because my hair only require one loop. Again, I like to do my styles on two strand twisted locs.

Here is how I do them:

Step 1 – First, I palm roll my locs.

Step 2 – Then, I two strand twist them.

Step 3 – Next, I add flat twists to one side.

Step 4 – Finally, I fold my loc in half and rubber band the end to the root. I don’t always rubber band the ends, sometimes I just stick the ends between the two strand twists.

This style is real easy and doesn’t take a whole lot of time. You don’t even have to have locs in order to do this style. Just two strand twist your loose natural hair to create the same style.

Flat Twists on Locs


Flat twists on locs are easy to do. Everyone has their own way of doing them. Just like most loc styles I prefer to do mine on two strand twisted locs. I have actually never tried flat twists on single locs yet.

Step 1 – Palm Roll Locs.

Step 2 – Two Strand Twist Locs.

Step 3 – Is illustrated in the video below.

I usually end this style with loc petals (post and video coming soon!) or I will just leave it as is.

Two Strand Twists on Locs

20140315_135626More often than not, whenever I wash and retwist my hair I put them in two strand twists.

Here’s why:

1.) If I have something to do that day, I can leave my house immediately after I finish retwisting.

2.) I can avoid applying heat from use of a hair dryer to my hair.

3.) I don’t have to deal with all those clips. All you really need is one.

4.) I personally feel two strand twists are easier to style those singles.

Most of the time I’ll take them down the next day and wear a two strand twist out. Sometimes I’ll leave them as is or style them. My favorite go to style is loc petals on two strand twists. I’ll put up a post soon on how I do my loc petals. Stay tuned!


Below is a video of how I do my two strand twists.

One Minute or Less Tutorial: Palm Rolling Locs


I know I personally do not have the attention span to watch someone talk for 8 minutes before they show me how to style my hair so I am providing One Minute or Less Tutorials on how I do certain loc styles and maintenance. Below is a tutorial on palm rolling.


1) I start with freshly washed locs.

2) I apply my DIY Aloe Vera Loc Gel to the base of the loc.

3) I start twisting the loc clockwise near the scalp to make sure I get any loose hairs into the loc.

4) I take the loc between both palms and roll clockwise. Stopping before the loc buckles.

Most of the time I retwist my locs I do it in two strand twists instead of singles. That way if I have to do run errands or something that day I can leave the house right away and don’t have to wait for them to dry or deal with a bunch of clips.

In the video below I was doing two strand twists. When I do my locs as singles I twist down the whole length of the locs to eliminate some of the fuzziness on the ends.

Video: Braid-Out Mid Wear Re-Braid

This video shows my technique for a braid-out mid-wear re-braid. I sometimes wear my braid-outs for up to four weeks. However, there are times when I want to give my braid-outs a “fresh” look. That is when I do a re-braid.

Also, I have a big surprise at the end of the video…our new Natural-ness Knit Satin lined hats.

Video: Cornrow Braid-out

Below are pictures and an older video that I’m just now getting around to posting (forgive me 😀 ).  It’s a simple braid-out created using cornrows, which gives the hair a nice texture all the way to the roots (scroll down for video).

Before removing my braids for a braid-out, I also make sure to rub coconut oil on my braids.  This gives my braid-outs a nice shine.

I usually just do a regular braid when styling my hair for a braid-out.  In this case, I decided to try cornrows instead.

Using cornrows for a braid-out, creates texture all the way to the roots.  When I use regular braids, I notice that the roots of my hair is usually not textured.

In addition to the coconut oil, I also used products from Kinky Pride for this braid-out.

Below is a video of me removing the cornrows and styling my hair into this braid-out:


Video: Kinky Pride w/ Curlformers on a Child’s Natural Hair

This video is long overdue, but here it is.  My daughter recently celebrated her 4th birthday and I wanted to come up with a cute style for this special occasion.  I decided to style her hair using Curlformers along with Kinky Pride’s Shea-Loe Butter and Twist and Loc gel, and the SNO Natural Herbal Hair & Scalp Therapy.  Here are the results (scroll down for video):

Even though I had 40 Curlformers to work with, it was not enough.  I decided to remedy the situation by styling the top of her hair into two pony tails and adding the Curlformers to the ends.

I borrowed this set of short and wide Curlformers from my sister Coco.  I ran into another problem, the Curlformers that I was using was designed for up to 9 inches of hair.  I quickly discovered that my daughter’s hair is way longer than that…

To solve that problem, I two stranded twisted the first few inches of hair (in some cases 3-4 inches) and added the Curlformers to the last 9 inches of her hair.

The Kinky Pride and SNO Naturals products gave my daughter’s hair a nice healthy sheen.  It’s hard to find products that do that because of her dry/cottony hair type.

Initially, I planned on untwisting the two strand twisted roots of her hair, but after removing the Curlformers, I decided not to.  I really liked the result.

All ready for her 4th birthday party!

Video Notes: This is my demonstration on using Curlformers on my 4-year-old daughter along with my review of Kinky Pride’s Shea-Loe Butter, Aloe Vera Lock & Twist Gel and SNO Herbal Hair & Scalp Therapy. These products were not purchased by me, but were sent to me after I contacted the co-owner and asked her if I could review her product. I fell in love with the Kinky Pride products after they were demonstrated on my hair at the Tennessee Natural Hair expo. You can see that video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iva8Wsy4NE

Kinky Pride products can be purchased here:http://snonatural.com/products/products.html

Be sure to check their site for a list of the product ingredients. I will also list the ingredients on our website: http://www.natural-ness.com

Music credits:

“The Natural Hair Song”, was written and performed by Anitra Jay (http://www.AnitraJay.com). You can download the song for free at: www.facebook.com/anitrajay

Instrumental “untitled” and created by Francis “mr. faia” Turner

Thanks Anitra & Francis for sharing your talents!

[Video] Creating a Low Puff on Thick Hair

I have really thick hair and it’s difficult for me to get my puff as low as I like it. So, I developed a new technique to get my puff positioned exactly where I want it instead of directly on top of my hair all the time.

Products used in this video:
Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics – To tie off bottom half of hair
Scunci Headwrap Flat No Damage – To accessorize puff
Large Black Mum Hair Flower Clip – To accessorize puff
Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel – To smooth out the front of the hair in order for it to lie down
Deluxe Satin Tie Band Black  – To help hair in front to lie down. A second one of these scarves can also be used to tie back the puff.

For step-by-step instructions on how I created this puff, watch the video below:

Video: Rope Twist-Out Created using Kinky Pride Products

Coco & I have been on a forced hiatus from the site for a week; we’ve been very busy.  Thanks for your patience!  I can’t promise that updates will come much faster, but please bear with us, we will continue to create new videos and posts as time allows.

Below is my demonstration on creating a rope twist-out along with my review of Kinky Pride’s Shea-Loe Butter and Aloe Vera Lock & Twist Gel. These products were not purchased by me, but were sent to me after I contacted the co-owner and asked her if I could review her product. I fell in love with the Kinky Pride products after they were demonstrated on my hair at the Tennessee Natural Hair expo. You can see that video here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iva8Wsy4NE

Kinky Pride products can be purchased here:http://snonatural.com/products/products.html  (see ingredient list below the video)

Ingredients List:

Kinky Pride Shea-Loe Butter – Shea butter, aloe butter, soy butter, avocado butter, almond butter, grapeseed oils, rosemary oils, ylang ylang oils, peppermint oils, olive oils, jojoba oils, wheat protein, nf wax , vitamin E, fragrance

Kinky Pride Lock & Twist Gel – Aloe leaf extract, wheat protein, nettle, horsetail, apple cider, lavender, ylang ylang, castor oil, vegetable glycerin, vitamin E, potassium sorbate, fragrance.

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