Hubby & My Hair

This is my response to my recent poll, located here: How did your significant other react to your natural hair? First off, based on the poll results so far, it’s good to know that so many of you have experienced positive reactions from your spouses/significant others.

My husband was also very supportive when I decided to go natural.  Actually, let me back up…when I first mentioned cutting off my relaxer, my husband didn’t take me seriously.  He never thought I’d go through with it. This was back in 2005.  Here in Memphis, seeing someone with natural hair was a rare event.  I decided that I was tired of spending money on relaxers and I began searching for another way.  Like a lot of you may have done, my first resource was the web.  I began searching online for natural hair websites and ran into some really great ones that further peaked my desire to wear my natural tresses.

Fast forward a few weeks later…I went ahead and made an appointment at my local hair salon for my BC.  My husband offered to cut my hair for me, but I decided to go with a professional.  She took my hair down from around 12 inches, to under an inch.  It was a drastic change.

When I got home, I believe that my husband was shocked at how short it was.  I wanted the stylist to cut my hair down to the new growth (I had about an inch or so), but she ended up shaving it pretty much all the way off (the same thing my husband probably would have done).  I think he expected to see an inch or two of hair, but he loved it.  In fact, I believe that he preferred it over the relaxed hair.  How do I know?  He couldn’t keep his hands off of it.  He was constantly rubbing it and telling me that it looked good.  I don’t remember him ever touching my relaxed hair.  I believe that he also loved the natural hair because I no longer cared about my hair during those…*clear throat*…special times 😉 I didn’t have to worry about trying to hold my head at odd angles to avoid “messing” it up and I definitely didn’t have to worry about sweating it out.

Now, five years later, he is still my main natural hair supporter.  He is the one that helped me see the beauty in wearing my wash-n-gos.  As soon as I wash my hair and just leave it as is, he is there complimenting.  He also loves twist-outs, but I don’t think he’s a big fan of puffs 🙂 (we all have preferences).  Anyway, long story short…he loves it!  I would probably have more problems out of him if I decided to relax again…not going to happen, but I’m pretty sure that hubby is in love with my kinks for life!

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