Style Share: Dawn with a TWA Wash-N-Go

I am happy to present another Style Share feature.  This time we have Dawn showing why the TWA (teeny weeny afro)  just can’t be beat! She keeps this feature short and simple with a gorgeous wash-n-go!

Style: TWA

Hair Length: 2-3 inches

Products used: Suave Coconut Conditioner, evoo [extra virgin olive oil] or coconut oil, aloe vera gel

Steps taken to create this style: wash and go [I love it and it doesn’t get any easier than that! – LV]

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Short N Sassy

TL, first seen here- Naturalness in: Tennessee,  is loving her short n sassy cut so much, that she sent more pictures to share.  Check her out:

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Archives: Month 11 (originally posted June 06)

Pictures from month 11 of my first big chop.  These were originally  posted in June of 2006.

After wearing a twist-out for a little over a week, it was time for a wash and a change of style. .I brushed my hair further back for a slightly lowered puff.  I used water and aloe vera gel to slick it down, then tied it down with a silk scarf. The accessory that you see around the puff is actually a necklace made of stones.

Here’s a side view of the puff to show that it is slightly lower than my normal puffs. This style was inspired by Nachural.

Here’s a front view, although you cannot see the puff as well.

After twisting and trimming my hair, and wearing two-strand twists for five days, I separated the twists and created single strand twists.

For some reason, the single strand twists look shinier than my two strand twists.  I really like this look.

Here’s a picture showing what the single strands look like when stretched out.  I’m very close to my one year nappiversary and loving the length that I’ve achieved.

Here’s another experiment with hair accessories.  This is a old hair clip that I always loved, but could not wear after I chopped my relaxed hair.  I clipped it to the elastic holding my puff.

This is just another picture of the clip and puff.

Here, I tried to get a closer view, but it does not seem any closer than the other pictures

This is a back view of my mom’s hair.  My mom always believed that her hair was very thin.  As soon as she went natural (one month after I did), she discovered that her hair is not thin at all.  It is very soft and curly though.  She likes to keep her hair at this length.  I think it looks gorgeous.

Here’s a picture of my mom and I together.  Aren’t we naturally cute together?

Archives: Month 5 (originally posted December 05)

Pictures from month 5 of my first big chop.  These were originally posted in December of 2005.

Here is a picture of my first attempt at two-strand twisting my hair.  I added a headband to see what it would look like.

Here’s a picture of my two-strand twists dressed up with a scarf.

Here’s another picture of the twists and scarf.

Here is my first twistout.

Another view of the twistout.

Back view of the twistout.

Here I am with my son, a few days before Christmas.  I dressed up my TWA a little with a butterfly comb.

Here’s another picture of my dressed up TWA.

I went to visit my parents in California for Christmas.  Here’s a picture of my mom and I.  After relaxing and/or pressing her hair for over 40 years, my mom decided to chop off the processed hair a few weeks after I chopped mine.  She loves her TWA so much, that she decided to keep it at this length.  I think she looks gorgeous!  My own hair is two strand twisted.

Here is another view of my mom and her TWA.

Here is a side view of my mom’s TWA.

Here is a back view of my mom’s TWA.

Archives: Month 4 (originally posted November 05)

Pictures from month 4 of my first big chop.  These were originally posted in November of 2005.

I am attempting to learn how to flat twist my hair.  This was my second attempt at flat twisting.  They were not as bad as the first attempt, but not so great either, so I dressed them up with a scarf and puff.

Here is another view of my flat twists/puff combination.

Another wash n go picture. It is getting so cold now, that we are letting my son’s hair grow into an afro, too.

Archives: Month 3 (originally posted October 05)

Pictures from month 3 of my first big chop, 5 years ago.

This is what my hair looks like wet, fresh from the shower.

This is what my hair looks like dry with no products added.

This is my first time sporting a headband.

This is what my hair looks like three months after my big chop.  I’ve stretched it out to show the actual length minus strinkage.

Archives: My First Big Chop (originally posted July – September 05)

Here are pictures of the beginning of my hair journey.  My last relaxer was on May 6th, 2005.  I chopped all of the relaxer out of my hair on July 26, 2005.

This is my son and I two days after my big chop.

This picture shows my growth, one month after my big chop. 

September 30, 05, two months after my big chop.

Archives: My First Big Chop (originally posted July 2005)

My hair journey began on July 26, 2005.  I chopped my 9-12 inches of hair down to less than an inch.  Below are the before and after pictures that started my journey:

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January Hair Updates (0-3 inches)

It’s been a while since my last hair update, but I’ve been wearing my hair in a simple wash-n-go since doing the second BC back in August. My hair has grown some (it’s almost 3 inches now). Here are my latest picture updates: 0126washngo31




October Hair Updates (0-3 inches)






Here are my latest TWA pictures.  I just wanted to show that you can absolutely enjoy sporting your TWA.  Remember to keep it sexy and work it ladies 🙂

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