Cucumber, Beets, Spinach, Carrots and more!


handfuls of organic spinach

handful of organic carrots

1 organic beet (peeled)

2 organic oranges

1/2 inch piece of ginger root

1 organic cucumber


Verdict – I made this juice a few days ago and I honesty can’t remember what it tasted like.  I’m having a hard time lately getting the beets down and I remember the flavor of the beets being very strong.  I mention before I prefer beet juices on ice and I didn’t add ice this time.  Next time, I think I’ll try this recipe with half of a beet.

Green Juice – Cucumber, Spinach, Gala Apples and Lemon


2 organic Gala apples

1 organic cucumber

1 medium lemon

3 handfuls of organic spinach

 I was going for a green lemonade, but realized that I didn’t have everything I needed, so I modified it with the ingredients above.  As I said before – nothing goes to waste!


Orange, Carrot, Lemon and Mint Juice


4 organic navel oranges

9 organic carrots

1 small lemon

3 sprigs of mint

Verdict- I was going for a carrot juice without the carrot taste being overwhelming for the children.  The oranges added just the right amount of sweetness. I wish I could taste the mint a little more.  I am seriously considering growing my own this year so that the mint is as fresh as possible!

Juice of the Day – Oranges, Beets, Cabbage and Ginger Root

Yesterday’s juice Ingredients:

4 organic oranges

1 large organic beet

1/2 head of organic cabbage

1/2 – 1/3 inch piece of organic Ginger Root

The Verdict:  My daughter runs away from any juice with cabbage in it…noted, I’ll avoid cabbage juice in the future.  The rest of us enjoyed this juice and I love how the beets always give it a rich red color.  I’ve started added my left over juicing pulp to our smoothies and so far…well…let’s just say that I haven’t perfected our fruit/veggie pulp smoothies yet.  I’ve been trying to use coconut water, which I’ve decided that I do not like at all.  I’m in search of a better liquid to help our smoothies become delicious!  I may just have to go back to using regular juice.  We’ll see!

Juice of the Day – Apple, Kiwi, Spinach, Lemon & Ginger Root

Today’s juice is a yummy fruit treat!


2 organic Gala Apples

4 organic Kiwi

1 Lemon

1/2 – 3/4 inch organic Ginger Root

5 oz container of organic Spinach


The Verdict:  In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with apples and kiwi!  This was an old favorite that I decided to revisit; substituting the celery that the original recipe called for with spinach and adding lemon and ginger root.

Juice of the Day – Cabbage, Carrot, Lemon

I decided to buy a head of cabbage the last time I went shopping (just to vary the juices that we drink).  So, I once again did a Google search for recipes.  It was a little hard to find one, but I eventually ran across one for carrots, cabbage and lemon juice.  I modified it a bit to the following…


1/2 of a small head of organic cabbage

5 small/medium size organic carrots

1 lemon (peeled)

The Verdict:  This juicing recipe is no joke!  I never expected it, but juiced cabbage is very spicy.  Combined with the other ingredients, there was also the slightest touch of sweetness, perhaps from the lemons.  My 11-year-old and husband liked it and said they would drink it again.  My 5-year-old drank a little and then proceeded to spill it all over the living room carpet…not fun.  I don’t think she liked it very much.  Would I try to juice a cabbage again?  Well…I still have the other half of the cabbage, so I’ll be on the look-out for a combination of ingredients with a slightly more appealing taste (for my 5-year-old).  If I can’t find one, then I guess I’ll try modifying this one.

On a side note, I’m still continuing my search for a new juicer.  There is so much info out about different kinds that it’s a little hard to settle on any particular one.  Based on the reviews, I’m leaning toward the following…

Juice of the Day – Apples, Carrots and Beet

Today’s juice is surprisingly sweet and loaded with vitamins!  I went to the net to search for a recipe that required mint and came across this one – 1 small beet, 5 carrots, 1 apple and 1/4 cup of  fresh mint.  I modified it to the following (to make enough for 4 people)…


1 large organic beet

10 small/medium carrots

2 organic gala apples

4 sprigs of  fresh organic mint

The Verdict:  So far, the kids have enjoyed every recipe I’ve tried with beets, which is great because I have absolutely no idea how to cook them…I’ll just stick to juicing them.  I prefer my beet juices chilled, but I was very short on time so I just drank it as it was. It wasn’t bad, but next time I’ll add ice!


Juice of the Day – Celery, Oranges and Carrots

Like I said…no fruits or veggies go to waste!  We went grocery shopping yesterday and purchased fresh fruits and veggies, but before I could use them, I had to use up last week’s produce.  So this made-up juice recipe is the result (except for the mint which was purchased yesterday)…


3 organic oranges

1 lemon

2 small/medium organic carrots

3 sprigs fresh organic mint

several ribs of organic celery





The verdict:  This one is not for those who do not like celery!  It had a heavy celery taste, although the oranges and lemon helped to neutralize it a bit.  The kids still enjoyed it and hubby & I enjoyed the burst of energy that this juice provided.  It’s like we’re not fully awake until we’ve had our daily dose of juice!  I was hoping to taste more of the mint, but the celery taste overwhelmed any mint that was in the juice.

Juice of the Day – Orange, Carrot, Cucumber

I buy fresh organic fruits and vegetables once a week. Toward the end of the week, I’m left with whatever is left. This is when I start compromising and making up juice recipes. I’ve noticed that since I’ve been juicing…no fruits or vegetables go to waste. Before we would end up throwing away spoiled produce because we weren’t eating it fast enough…now everything gets used.

4 organic oranges (peeled)
1 lemon (peeled)
1 organic cucumber
1/2 – 3/4 inch piece of organic ginger root (skinned)
3 medium organic carrots

The verdict:  I definitely didn’t have to fight the kids on this one!  It was a sweet treat and they loved it.  I don’t get why juice companies feel the need to add additional sugar to orange juice…with the right oranges, it’s deliciously sweet on its own.  Normally I would have added spinach or kale, but I’m all out, so I modified it with a cucumber.  Oh and a quick note, I purchased non-organic lemons because I use a lot of lemons and the organic ones are way too expensive (at least where we live).  I’m able to buy a whole bag of lemons for the price of just a few organic ones.  However, when I find organic lemons at a reasonable price, I will use those instead!

I get a lot of questions about juicers.  I posted a link to the one that I currently use in yesterday’s post.  Eventually I want to purchase a heavier duty juicer since I use mine everyday.  Shopping around, I found the compact juicer below.  The reviews are good and the price is reasonable.  The one I want is much bigger, but I did purchase the compact version below for a family member as a birthday present.

Juice of the Day – Apple, Spinach, Carrot , Lemon and Ginger Root

I started juicing probably about a month ago.  I’ve always known the benefits of it and I wanted to make sure my children were getting in their daily amount of fruits and vegetables.  I just recently started posting the juice recipes that I’ve tried on my facebook page.  Coco suggested that I start posting them here since this blog is also about healthy living.  I agreed that it would make a great addition to what we’re already posting here on the site.  And yes, juicing has wonderful benefits for hair and skin!  I won’t go into all of the details on juicing, because there is so much information out (try a Google search and you’ll see what I mean).  If you’re interested in learning the benefits, considering “liking” this page on facebook:

I’m going to keep these posts quick and simple.  Here’s today’s juice recipe:


3 gala apples

3/4 in ginger root

2 small lemons

handful of spinach

approximately 10 small – medium size carrots


The verdict:  Both of my children (5 year-old daughter and 11 year old son), loved this juice.  My husband also loved this one.  It was like a sweet lemonade with a rich orange color (from the carrots).  The taste of the ginger was not very strong.  This recipe is great way to sneak carrots into the diets of those who are not a big fan of carrots!


By the way, this is the juicer that I’m currently using…I’ll post a review later –

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