Lose The Gutt Keep The Butt Review

20150926_104207 LOSE THE GUTT KEEP THE BUTT focuses on toning your abs and sculpting your booty using your body weight. This is a 43 minute workout that builds in intensity.

– Ab exercises are modified for woman who recently had c-section.
– The trainer actually participated in the whole workout.

– Didn’t feel much like a workout compared to her other videos.

This video sets out to do exactly what I’m looking for, give you lean abs and lift your booty. Being that I recently had an oopharectomy, I love how she modified the ab workout for those who recently had surgery. Her other workouts had a lot of planking and I couldn’t participate. I will continue to do this workout and look forward to the results.

Plyometric Pump Review

20150926_104026PLYOMETRIC PUMP combines plyometrics “jump training” with resistance training which helps you build metabolism while toning your body. It is meant to challenge and push you to your limits. It has modified moves for beginners and advanced moves for the more athletic. Plyometric Pump is 45 minutes including warm up and cool down. Burns 600 – 1000 calories.

– Features a male and female to show that it’s designed for everyone.
– You really get a workout.

– It’s hard on the wrist. I do a lot of typing at work and have experience d some wrist problems. There is a lot of jumping up and down to your hands and knees. My wrist hurt so much the next morning it was hard to work.
– On some of the exercises there were some very weird camera angles making it hard to see the exercises.

This video truly gives you a workout. There is a lot of cardio and I’m sure you’ll burn a lot of calories. However, that is not my personal goal. I need to gain weight and this video is very counterproductive of my personal needs. With that said, unless you have weak wrist like me, if you are trying to lose weight and burn tons calories I would definitely recommend this video it’s just not the right video for me.

A standing desk for $22

11930908_10203564789758855_1621836619806238613_oI spend most of my days, when I’m not homeschooling my two children, sitting at my computer.  As a writer/blogger… it’s hard to avoid.  It’s no secret that a sedentary lifestyle isn’t good for us.  I think we all can come up with evidence of that, but some of us still end up spending hours on end sitting.

After suffering from limited mobility more times than I care to admit because of a curve in my spine (Scoliosis), which causes some arthritis in my hip (made worse by, you guessed it…sitting) … I decided to seek out a solution.  I did some research into “standing desks”, but saw that a real standing desk runs anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.  I don’t have thousands of dollars…so I found a cheap solution.

For less than $22 (less than $10 in my case…I’m tall enough that I don’t need the extra shelf), you too can convert your current desk to a standing desk.  Check out the link (below)… and see my version of a standing desk (to the left – excuse the mess).



Source: A standing desk for $22

Full Body Curve Down Review


FULL BODY CURVE DOWN is designed for women of all shapes and sizes. It helps you lose weight and maintain your curvy shape. The routines focus on toning and strengthening the upper and lower body. By using consistently using this video you should be able to lift your booty, tone your arms, strengthen your core, and minimize cellulite.The exercises in this video are modified so everyone can do them. Full body curve down is 60 minutes which included a warm-up and cool down. All you need are hand weights and a towel.

– I love that it features a full figure and petite woman in the video so that everyone feels this video is for them.
– I liked the modified burpees because for some reason I cannot do regular burpees at all, maybe I’m too stiff.
– It’s slow pace so I didn’t feel rushed through the workout or fall behind like a lot of workout videos I’ve done.

– When they went to the AB workout it was like the camera person got drunk because the camera was all over the place. It took a minute for me to catch on to the routine.
– Oh and, natural hair DOES always work! You just gotta work it.

I really enjoyed the workout. Anowa is very encouraging. She reminds you that getting into shape is not just about exercise but diet is just as important. It was exactly what I was looking for. My main goals are to tone my body and lift my booty and this video sets out to do just that. I would recommend this workout to everyone. Can’t wait to see the results.

Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer

20150831_194716As I stated in a previous post, I’m getting back into a workout routine. I heard about Sweet Sweat and decided to give it a try. I’ve only been using it 2 weeks but I find it using interesting and will continue using and hope I’ll start seeing results soon. 20150831_192619

The propose is not to cinch my waist. Sweet Sweat is a Workout Enhancer. Combined with the Waist Trimmer Belt, it helps you shed excess water, sweat more (definitely!), burn fat/calories, improve circulation, prevent injuries, and trim your waist. The waist trimmer belt is latex-free which is great because I have a mild latex allergy. The workout enhancer and the waist trimmer belt can be used independently; however, for best results it is recommended that you use both together.

You can purchase the waist trimmer belt with a sample of the workout enhancer on Amazon.com at a discounted price or purchase directly from Sports Research.

Weight Gain Journey

It’s been 8 weeks since I had my surgery and now that I’m able to resume normal activities I’m getting back into a workout routine while trying to gain weight at the same time. I lost 16 pounds due to the surgery and I need to find every last one of them again as well as get tight and toned. I’m trying to get the little bit of shape I did have back. My current weight is 144 and my goal weight is 160 which is still within a healthy BMI for my height. I’ve been taking it slowly and I’m focusing on one thing at a time.


My scar is barely noticeable, Yay!

Week 1 – I focused on my calorie intake. Since I’m trying to gain I’ve been trying to ensure that I take in more than 2,000 calories a day while eating healthy at the same time. I try to incorporate more healthy fats to every meal such as salmon, sweet potatoes, avocado, almonds, dark chocolate, and oatmeal. I’ve been eating 5 meals a day, trying not to go 3 – 4 hours without food, and making sure my last meal is an hour before bed.

Week 2 – I focused on adding a little walking along with my new eating routine. I walk twice a day during my 15 minute breaks at work.

Week 3 – I focused on adding leg day to my routine. My lower body is the biggest concern for me so I thought I’d start there first.

I’ll eventually be adding arms, chest, and abs to my routine. I dread these especially abs. Luckily for me, even when I was really overweight I never had much of a stomach. I never had any upper body strength so I really need to work on that.


Coco’s Fitness Journey: Week 4

I’m 5’9” and currently about 148 lbs, my measurements are 34c-27-38. My goal is not to lose any weight but to tone my body. I don’t even weigh myself because it’s not at all important to me, as long as my pants size doesn’t change I’m happy. My focus is on my butt and thighs. I’m a pear shape body type so that makes me bottom heavy. This week I did start to incorporate some arm work because I have flabby triceps.

Everyday at work I do 2 one-mile walks during my breaks. This week at home I worked with weight.

For my arms, I did 3 sets each of…
10 Bicep Curls
10 Shoulder Press
10 Bentover Lateral Raises
10 Tricep Kickbacks
10 Upright Rows

For my legs and core, I did…
20 squats
30 lunges
40 sec planks
50 sec wall sits
100 calf raises
Then I did it again in reverse.

Coco’s Fitness Journey: Week 1

So, I decided to get more serious about working out again. I just completed my first week. Of course, I don’t notice any change yet but I’m starting to feel the difference already. I still do my normal two mile walk during my break at work. I’ve been doing that for a long time now. Now, I added an evening workout session to my routine.

This week I worked out to Kim Kardashian: Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt. This video gave me a great workout. I could really feel it in my butt and thighs which are my main problem areas. I get bored easy so I plan on doing something different every week so I won’t lose my motivation.

I also keep a fitness journal to help keep me accountable and focused.

The thing that keeps me the most motivated is following fitness blogs on tumblr. Those fitness blog remind me that there is no reason I should not have the body I want. I check them everyday and can’t wait to get work and exercise after seeing other people’s journeys.

Luckily for me, I’m already on the right track as far as healthy eating habits. Since I have endometriosis I’m already on a strict diet. Soy, wheat, dairy, and red meats have been out of my diet for a while now. This diet has forced me to eat more fruits, vegetables, and other fresh foods.

I’m not looking to lose any weight, I’m happy with where I am as far as weight is concerned. I’m just working on toning up. I’m proud of my progress so far and believe I will stick to it. There is no excuse not to be fit and healthy.

Just Dance/Just Dance 2 for Wii (Review)

Just Dance was released in November 2009. It features over 30 tracks from popular artists such as Hot N Cold by Katy Perry, U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer, Who Let The Dogs Out? by Baha Men, and many more.  This was the first dance game I’ve ever played and I fell in love with it immediately. I would play it everyday. I was so excited when I heard that Just Dance 2 was coming back.

Just Dance 2 was released in October 2010. This game features over 40 tracks from artists such as Rihanna, James Brown, The Jackson 5, The Pussycat Dolls, and more. In my previous reviews I did the pros and cons of the games however this time I think it would be a better idea to compare Just Dance with Just Dance 2. These two games are pretty much identical to Michael Jackson: The Experience and I was just as excited to play these as I was to play Michael Jackson: The Experience. The only difference is that Michael Jackson: The Experience focuses on one artist and Just Dance focuses on various artists.

Just Dance: I love the selection of music and the routines are easy to follow along with. I can tell when they picked out the music for this game that they tried to include stuff that will make this game appealing to everyone. I like to sometimes just put it on random and do whatever song that comes up because all songs and routines are enjoyable.

Just Dance 2: While the music selection is good the dance routines are a bit more challenging than the original Just Dance. This game also offers a selection of music that makes this game appealing to everyone but the majority of the preloaded music more modern than the previous version of this game. The thing that I love about Just Dance 2 is that even if you don’t like the preloaded music they have more selections available for download using Wii points.

Just Dance 3 is to be released October 2011. See Trailer below.

Michael Jackson: The Experience for Wii (Review)

Micheal Jackson: The experience for Wii came out in November 2010. This game features 26 hit songs by Micheal Jackson including Bad, Beat it, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Thriller, Black & White, and much more. I think this is the best dance game to come out because I don’t know many people who didn’t want to dance like Michael when they were young. Now, is your chance. Most people I know have already experienced this game and love it so I’m a little late. For those of you who still haven’t went up and made that purchase yet, this review is for you.

The Experience Pros: This game has easy to follow choreography that even kids can follow, it is rated 10+ but my 3 year old niece and 9 year old nephew can do it. The side of the screen displays the next move for you so you are better able to keep up. It provides the lyrics to the song, as long as I been listening to Michael Jackson I don’t think I knew the lyrics to none of his songs before playing this game. It’s mirrored after Michael Jackson so of course it was a workout. You are going to feel it after a few songs but it’s so addictive that you do not want to stop.

The Experience Cons: There really aren’t any cons that I can think of. Only thing I can think of is every once in awhile the moves they display on the side of the screen don’t match what’s really coming out, but that is rare. Also, there are some other song I wish were on here but that just makes room for The Experience part II which I hope is soon to come.

The Experience is a great game and the cons aren’t really cons at all. I just hope Ubisoft comes out with more games like this. I’m really hoping for an Aaliyah version of this game because I use to always try to learn the choreography to Aaliyah videos. But, I absolutely love Michael Jackson: The Experience.

Check out the official trailer here.

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