African Hair Threading/Ghana Plait Row Experiment (3 year old)

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I have mentioned time and time again that I am cornrow challenged.  I don’t know why, but I have the hardest time with cornrows…it’s like I just can’t get my hands quite right.  Of course, I’m not going to let that stop me.  But, it has also inspired me to experiment with another way of accomplishing the look of cornrows, without actually doing a cornrow.  What I came up with is sort of a Ghana Plait row (for lack of a better name).  Check it out:

It would be impossible to explain what I did here without a video, but in short, I used the same Ghana Plait technique that I explained in my earlier Ghana Plaits posts.  This time I used the thread to connect the hair across her head in three rows.

I then took the end of the three rows and curled them into a knot.

The back of her was threaded into 8 individual sections, then curled together into two buns.

I was more than pleased with the results and will be working on revisiting and perfecting this style.  I did not make a video because: 1) I didn’t have anyone to hold the camera for me and, 2) I wasn’t sure that this experiment would work out.  I will make sure to record next time I try this style.