African Hair Threading – update (3 year old)

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My daughter’s Ghana Plaits lasted almost a week.  The only reason  they did not last longer than that was  the thread began to unravel.   I need to improve my technique to avoid this.  After the 5th day, I decided to remove the thread.  Her hair held together for a while without the thread. It was actually kind of cute, sort of a twist without the twist 🙂  However, by the next day, the sections of hair began to separate, so I went ahead and finished separating the hair into somewhat of a twist out (or actually a thread out…I guess?).  There was not quite enough definition or texture to pull off the look so I ended up brushing it all back into a puff.

Days 2-5: I dressed her bun up with a cute flower accessory.

I didn’t do anything special with the rest of the plaits.  I just made sure to keep them moisturized by spritzing them everyday.  I also made sure to tie her hair up with a satin scarf each night.

Day 6: This is what the plaits looked like without the thread.

Here’s another view in different light.  I wish these would have held together longer.  I really liked the look.

From further away, you really could not tell that the thread was gone.

Here’s the back view.

I also took the thread out of the bun.