F–k Speeches & Inspiration: Where Do I Get The Money To Start?

Book 3 in the 1 Hour To Wealth series is all about the question that everyone has when they are considering starting a business, “Where do I get the capital?” My goal in creating this book was not to fill it up with a lot of stats and discussions. This is not a training manual or a handbook. This is practical information that can be implemented by anyone willing to sit down and utilize the information. At only 80 pages it is the shortest book in the series, but I feel that it may be the book that actually ties the series together and empowers everyone.

While the use of F–k seems somewhat vulgar, I know for me it speaks to the core of what I felt when I was starting out. I just couldn’t stand to hear another motivational speech or get another inspirational quote thrown at me. I didn’t want one more meeting, or another idea, I just wanted to know where and how to get some money. I didn’t have the credit to get a loan and my family helped once but wasn’t in a position to help again. I didn’t have any friends I could call on, and I didn’t have access to some person who would help me get the product out there to the people who were buying. When I was at rock bottom, I wasn’t thinking positively about anything. I just wanted some advice and some damn help. The word F–k just felt appropriated when I began looking to name the book. It is jarring and right to the point. I hope you can look beyond the title and get this if you don’t have the answers or you can’t get the answers you’ve been looking for.

Reciprocity is everything,

Chris B.

Release Date: December 10th, 2015

Length: 86 pages

Chapter Breakdown: 

Table of Contents
Chapter 1:            Introduction                        .               .               7
Chapter 2:            The Family Bond               .               .               11 
Chapter 3:            The Friendship Pact          .               .               17
Chapter 4:            The Fake It Til You Make It Startup             25
Chapter 5:            The Screw It! I’ll Do It Myself Move             33
Chapter 6:           The Slow Money Is Better Than No Money Game     .               43
Chapter 7:           The Ain’t No Surefire Hustle, Except This Hustle      .               5 
Chapter 8:            It Ain’t Work If I Love It Biz           .               57 
Chapter 9:            The I’ll Take That Startup               .               65                                                                                           
Chapter 10:         The Get Your Ass Off Of Social Media Like That Chapter       69
Chapter 11:          All The Money In The World…     .               77
Chapter 12: Summaries and Breakdowns aka Clarity            81