WIDRN Episode 79: It's A Damn Coupon… 

I realized I was spending too much time on minutia. While sitting in the car at the gas pump, I pulled out a stack of coupons and began sorting them. I was getting a fill up so sorting the coupons should have been finished before my tank filled up. Instead I had coupons sitting all over the passenger seat when the handle pump clicked. I didn’t even realize I had been moving the coupons around and hadn’t done anything. It was amazing. Then I realized that has been how I’ve been treating my business and life over the last two years and my indecisiveness has caused me to lose.

WIDRN Episode 63: Life & Business Are Like Rotors & Brakes

Preventive Maintenance is for more than your car. I thought about this after I had to take my wife’s car in to the shop for service on Tuesday and my car on Wednesday. I had an unforeseen expense pop up and I was going to skip the service. When I thought about it, I realized that doing so would create more problems in the long run.

WIDRN Episode 62: Stop Creating Problems Out of Thin Air

The Car Chronicles are really taking shape. This one popped up because my business partner in the AHN (ARCH x Housakicks Network) has a tendency to do what I do and that is try to fix problems that “might” come up. I think everyone does this so maybe this video will help people to stop and think about the things that they allow to create stress.