Discovering My Facebook Posts: A Response About Hip-Hop

Discovering my Facebook posts is going to be based on what I see come across my feed on Facebook. I’ve stopped writing long form posts on the platform because posting a lot of information there actually undercuts the traffic to your own websites. What I’m doing now is when Facebook reminds me of a post I wrote that received a lot of interaction I’m going to pull it and add it here. Below is a post from a couple of years ago where I was responding to a statement that music doesn’t hurt anyone and doesn’t shape the way people behave.
After the last two days of discussion on hip-hop, I was left with a statement by one of the people participating that stuck with me. I grew up as poor as you could basically could outside of growing up in Sugar Ditch in Mississippi. We lived in a two bedroom apartment on Fifth Street in North Memphis. My sister and I slept on a letout coach (for those of you who are cultured a hideaway bed) in the living room of the apartment. My great aunt and grandmother slept in the bedrooms. My mom slept with my grandmother and my uncle KF from Chicago slept in the same room as my aunt when he came in. I never saw a fast food restaurant until my mom got a permanent job on the other side of town. I was 12. From kindergarten to 6th grade I attended 5 different schools and lived in 4 different apartments. We ate ketchup sandwiches and molasses sandwiches. We shopped at Frank’s, which was a corner grocery near North 6th Street and I never went into a supermarket until I was around 12. Even with all of the situations after we moved from North Memphis, we moved 5 times in the 5 years I was in middle and high school, I never knew we were poor. I didn’t understand this until I left Memphis and came back to visit the places where I grew up.
The person I was discussing hip-hop with made a statement about how the music doesn’t affect people and that it’s just entertainment. He said people have to accept responsibility for their actions. I stated that I was and he was an exception to the rule. That we both should have died. I went to jail after high school and ended up in Juvi once they realized I wasn’t 18, but that wasn’t the end of my life. I had a gun put to my head while I was in the Post Apartments, and I did a lot of things I look back on and shake my head. But at the end of the day I came out okay. When he said it wasn’t music that drove me to the actions that saved my life, I can remember specifically looking up Garret Morgan after hearing KRS-ONE’s “You Must Learn”. I can remember clearly Professor Xs voice on X Clan’s “Funkin Lessons”. I remember like yesterday Paris’ “The Devil Made Me Do It” and when I started to go astray, I remember being conflicted because Chuck D told me how to love myself and my blackness. While the music may not have told me to make the decisions I made, instead of hearing the cautious tale of Colors by Ice T, I remember my friends and I seeing the images of flashing gang signs and practicing those gang signs. I also remember hearing 2 Live Crew’s, “Hey we want some P—-y” and well wanting some P, lol.
I say all of this to say that music in the Black community has always been so integrated into the struggle and movements that we honestly don’t know what came first, the movement or the music. Black Art dictates life unlike art in any other community. The people learn from and follow the art. I made it because I discovered art in the form of books, movies, plays, poetry. Today’s generation only has the music and if you don’t think it is shaping them because you made it, you are a part of the problem.

Teen killed after girl sneaks him into home and her father mistakes him for intruder

Two families have been changed for the worst. Talk with your children about this article and ask “Is a few minutes of fun worth the risk?”

Following the family’s barking dog to the guest bedroom, Fulton warned that he was armed and asked Middleton to identify himself. That’s when Middleton tried to run out of the room.

Source: Teen killed after girl sneaks him into home and her father mistakes him for intruder

Stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline Sign Now!

Source: Stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline which endangers the water supply to Native American reservations. | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government
Some people are made to fight on the inside, some on the outside, some with silence and others with voices. If you are of the silent majority and stand with the Native American people then take 5 minutes, click this link and sign this petition.
This is important.

Police Shootings and Activism

I am not mentioning the multitude of names of people shot by cops. Those names are known. I’m not discussing the obvious tragedy of death. I’m writing a quick word because I typically avoid the discussions on the subject. I don’t dive into Facebook dialogue or comment sections. I typically keep pushing forward with my day to day existence, because living is hard enough.

I’m writing these words because I want to talk about the multitude of areas of activism. There are people who get in the trenches and fight the variety of wars on the frontline. There are people who are subversive and you won’t see or hear about anything that they do, but they are fighting. There are people who write and create art. There are people who march and attack the government. There are people who buckle down and become better parents, family members and friends.


The world needs people performing in various capacities of activism. Everyone isn’t built for the same type of battling. We all approach these situations with a completely different approach. If my decision is to become more available to my children when these murders happen, then that is activism. If my approach is to not share the videos or the statements being shared, that’s also activism. If I wake up tomorrow, buy a gun, walk into my local courtroom, and begin firing at police officers, that’s also activism (although it ultimately creates more death).


If someone is spending time sharing every post about the murders, that is activism. If someone decides to lend a hand to someone because they want to show support, love and brotherhood, if they don’t speak one word about the murders, that’s activism.


You may not ever know what someone is doing or how they are dealing with situations that call for justice. Your job is to do what you feel makes the biggest difference… and no one knows what makes the biggest change.


Don't let Trump fool you: rightwing populism is the new normal – video | Opinion | The Guardian

The political success of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is not uniquely American, argues Gary Younge

Source: Don’t let Trump fool you: rightwing populism is the new normal – video | Opinion | The Guardian

I discovered this video while browsing Facebook. I immediately felt compelled to share it on CBP. Gary Younge eloquently explains the situation that Donald Trump embodies.

I’ve argued that the TPP is simply the natural progression of capitalisim seeking the easiest path to more capital. In my argument I even said I don’t see anything wrong with it since we live in a country where people feel that they should be paid ridiculous amounts of money for jobs that don’t require an education or skill.

I’ve started to backtrack on my comments and thoughts because I realized I sounded a lot like the people I tend to have a problem with. With this commentary by Gary, I realize that if I see the failure of people to get an education as only their poor decision making without admitting that the system does have influence, I add to the wrong side of the argument. Capitalism requires cheap labor. As much as the small business person in me wants to keep my margins low and earn as much as possible, the socialist in me would really like it if electricians, plumbers, and machinists were able to form stronger unions and earn more for the skills that they’ve mastered. The socialist in me wants the US to divert funds from the war machine (of which I was a part of) to education and pay teachers more, and also pay for better training for police officers who are not sensitive to race.

Watch this video and share the page with those who are like me. Those people who are really thoughtful, but fail to realize that it’s not Donald Trump that should worry us, it’s the system that has created the TPP and the removal of jobs from the country by big business and a lobbyist influenced congress.

P.S. I had no idea that the same person existed in every nation.

Irresponsible Journalism: A Nationwide Epidemic

A source told WZZM 13 four people had gunshot wounds and a fifth was assaulted.

The Muskegon, Mi interim Police Chief Dr. Charles Thomas called out a reporter for irresponsible journalism. Readers must understand the difference between fact, fiction, and hype. Examine the video and tell me what you think. Is the new generation of journalist sparking and fanning fires while ignoring the true story?

Source: Multiple people injured in shooting outside Muskegon Heights High School |

Teens dead after drinking 'Dewshine' mix of racing fuel and Mountain

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A poison control official says two Tennessee teens are dead after drinking a mixture of racing fuel and Mountain Dew, and two others were sickened by the mixture they called

I don’t know who would voluntarily drink this. I’ve always taught my children, “Don’t drink the punch at parties.” Please share this with your children.
Source: Teens dead after drinking ‘Dewshine’ mix of racing fuel and Mountain

CBP Social Issues: Gilbert Arenas Slammed for 'Repugnant' Posts on WNBA – NBC News

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas has been slammed by fans and officials alike for several “repugnant” Instagram posts insulting WNBA players.

Source: Gilbert Arenas Slammed for ‘Repugnant’ Instagram Posts on WNBA – NBC News

So Agent Zero, aka Sneaker King, aka Two Guns, aka Phat Contract, aka Still getting paid, aka OG Low Tops, said some stuff about the WNBA. I’m the first person to ignore most topics that rank high on social media sites because I really don’t like getting into petty parties and back and forths on things that I can’t control, but I’m a hoops guy. I’m a former coach and player and I still have a strong attachment to basketball via players and friends who are now a part of the world that I gave my life too for so long.

The WNBA is broken. Gilbert Arenas is right on a number of fronts, but I have a feeling he’s never seen the women of Orange Is The New Black out of character… those are beautiful women! Which is besides the point.

The WNBA is broken and no one can act like it isn’t. No one can act like the fact that women ballers might be lesbians actually hurts the brand. No one can pretend that having Lisa Leslie, Tina Thompson, and Sheryl Swoopes at the inception, right after the Olympics wasn’t the reason for the early success of the league. All good looking women who were marketable and could flat out ball was an added incentive to watch the game (I know Swoopes is gay now, just go with it). That “We Got Next” tagline was golden.

The WNBA is broken, but not because of the things I wrote above. Yes there are “out” players, but Britney G is a beast and she dunks and brings excitement so being gay has jackshit to do with people not staying tuned. Do people feel an attraction to athletes? You’re damn right so a part of the entertainment is that we feel that we could dream about these athletes so yeah I get that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Gil has a point about the perceived attractiveness, but here is the real reason the league is broken.

The WNBA is broken because of timing. After a long NBA season, during the summer months we get a break from traditional indoor sports. We begin attending baseball games and we go to the beach, take family trips, visit theme parks and plan family picnics. For kids who play the game they are traveling extensively on the travel basketball circuit and kids who play other sports are training and preparing for the upcoming year.

The WNBA is broken because the dumb ass people who run the league insist on leaving it as a summer sport. Now I know why this is. Many of the ladies balling have bigger and better contracts to get to overseas. The league is accommodating to those players. I get it. BUTTTTTTTTT

You want to know how to fix the WNBA? I’ve been saying this for years and maybe this article will pick up traction. Right now the NBA bargaining agreement is coming up for arbitration again. A new television contract is coming into play that will pay NBA players an ungodly amount of money. The WNBA needs to be at the table and there needs to be a serious discussion about these things:

  1. NBA games range from 2-3.5 hours long with tv time outs. Currently the game is 48 minutes. The league has experimented with 44 minute games. Cut the games back to 11 minute quarters.
  2. Take the WNBA games and move them to the same season as the men. Turn the season into a 40 game season. This means go back to the high school basketball format and play the WNBA game prior to the NBA game.
  3. To do the above, the tv time outs can be placed throughout the entire night. Limit the amount of time outs given to the coaching staff. With the tv time outs spread through both games, you literally get two games for the same time limit and price as one.
  4. Cut the half time from 15 to 12 minutes in the NBA and down to 10 minutes in the WNBA
  5. Bill all games with the stars of each team. Imagine a night of Ella Delle Donne and Jimmy Butler vs Maya Moore and Andrew Wiggins. I don’t give a damn who you are, three hours at an NBA arena featuring this night of hoops is great.

Let’s get to heart of the matter since Gil raised the issue to the national forefront. The WNBA has a problem, and yes for some the thought of openly gay people is a threat, but let’s be real that is not why the WNBA isn’t gaining ground. The problem is purely timing. You can put Naked Twister as a sport in the summer and people would still go to Disneyland over watching the game. But if you give me two games for the price of one 20 times a season in my season ticket package… watch what happens.

#TTBS:Social Media During a Crisis

During a time of crisis, when others run away from danger, there are people that have to run to the danger. When the order has been given to evacuate the area, there are people that stay in the area or as close as they can. In the interest of public safety, these people are gathering information and putting it out rapidly. Sometimes they make mistakes. When there is an active threat, they don’t need people micro-analyzing tweets or posting stupid comments on their feeds. I’m not defending law enforcement today. I can’t believe I’m actually defending the news media.   After today’s terror attack in Colorado Springs, I’ve had enough.

As you may or may not know, an individual shot and wounded several civilians and law enforcement officers. News reporters converged on the area and tweeted updates and photographs until the subject was confirmed in custody. This information is for people in the area and for anyone that may be a victim of this crisis to know that the authorities are aware of what’s going on and help is on the way. I became really perturbed when people posted comments questioning the reports accuracy or made other stupid comments.

First of all, to-may-to, to-mah-to… it’s all the same! People cluttered up the comment area with the debate on whether or not the suspect is simply a shooter or a terrorist. He was shooting and, I just learned, killed people. A victim could be reaching out with vital information on twitter and it’s sucked up in this stupid debate. Secondly, somebody wanted to berate a reporter on their accuracy because they stated “at” in their tweet but a report from the news station said “near”. As the illustrious tweeter stated, “There’s a big difference.” If I fired a shot at you or near you, which would make you crap your pants? The people at Planned Parenthood as well as anyone within a few miles were in high stress mode. That tiny word didn’t matter to them. Lastly, someone wanted to know if the information was confirmed or just scanner chatter. What difference does it make? The information updates were letting you know that the situation is still active and stay the hell away. And then there was the idiot that took up space to criticize the tweet reporting several people have been wounded.  Who doesn’t know that you like a tweet to acknowledge it.  It doesn’t mean that you’re happy it has happened.  When someone posts that a family member died, you don’t like it because you’re happy the person died.  It shows support.  Really dude?

There are news reports that are planned, written out, and have to be approved by someone. Those reports should be as accurate as reasonably possible. Breaking news reports are on the fly. Reporters are gathering information and if there is anything that they feel is vital to public safety, they will put it out. If they learn that they have disseminated erroneous information, the reporter corrects himself or herself.

I understand the constitutional right to free speech. Maybe out forefathers should have specified “intelligent” free speech. When there is crisis such as todays, extemporaneous comments should be kept to yourself. This goes to the old saying, “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.” When people are lying in the snow dying or suffering excruciating pain thinking they are going to die, that is not the time to be a smart aleck. That’s when you should show support, offer prayers, or just keep quiet.

Whatever happened to common sense and decency? The Internet is a magnificent development in out society; however, people hide behind their avatar and show their true colors. Three lives were lost today. Whether you call him/her a terrorist or a shooter, three families’ lives are forever changed. Three people won’t come home to Thanksgiving leftovers. Three people won’t be home for Christmas. That can’t get anymore accurate.