Fashawn Is Back And Taking Aim – Mother Amerikkka (Official Video)

I don’t have a lot of connection to people on a consistent basis anymore as it relates to music. When I was in college or involved in basketball or teaching I was always able to share my music taste with the people around me. Now, the only thing I have is this blog where I share what I think is dope ass music, important music… Fashawn has been one of my favorite emcees since Boy Meets World. I consistently cranked The Ecology and now he’s back with one of the most politically conscious tracks of the year off of the Manna album. I’m done talking. I just want you guys to listen to the song. #dope

Kojey Radical – Footsteps | Next Level

Maybe it’s because I recently watched a brilliant British film “Gone Too Far” or maybe it’s because the sound of this song feels like my mood, I discovered Kojey. I have to thank Under Armour because although he’s been on the scene for over a year, I didn’t know who he was until I saw campaign for Unlike Any where Kojey narrates Jesse Graff’s video. This song below though and the visuals, mindblown. Dig it! (yes the entire paragraph is a link because if you aren’t moved to either stream or buy something from Kojey, you don’t have a soul.) Oh, if American Trap music actually said something this is what it would sound like. Listen to Gallons and you’ll see what I mean.


Get To Know: Jack Garratt – Worry in the Live Lounge

Dope as F–k! The great thing about experimenting with a variety of stations on Pandora is that eventually you run across something that’s been around for a minute but you didn’t know was there. This live version is an amazing performance. I absolutely love it when the artist shows us how the song is crafted. It means so much and makes the art an imprint on your soul. Jack Garratt you’ve earned my ears.



I’m browsing Twitter and I run across a post from Pigeons and Planes and I’m intrigued. I click on and run into PAULi Lovejoy and I go into subscribe, follow mode. The last time I did this was when my sister-in-law hipped me to Raleigh Ritchie. This time I’m hipping her to PAULi. You’re welcome.

cutchabaldyblog – cutcharislingbaldy.com

It’s the end of the week which means time for a new edition of “This week in #SettlerNonsense” a weekly review of some of the things that are just plain #SettlerNonsense.

Source: cutchabaldyblog – cutcharislingbaldy.com

When I was in grad school I had this ridiculous literary crush on a fellow writer named Cutcha Baldy. Her writing was sharp. I mean, she could do things with wit that would make you laugh out loud, and in the next sentence you’d regret laughing because the point she was making was so damn important.

She’s now a PhD and one of the greatest young minds at San Diego State… scratch that… one of the greatest minds in our country, and I’m writing blogs hoping that people see what I’m doing.

Anyway, in the rush of people celebrating all things Beyonce, Cutcha noticed something that was overlooked. She talks about it in this blog post linked above. She also hips you to how Hollywood has moved from insulting Native Americans to demonizing them, literally.

You should subscribe to her blog and bookmark her site. Get To Know Dr. Cutcha Risling Baldy (click the source link above)

Get To Know: Judah Getem – Closed Caption

61SRRV84GGL._SS280A lot of hip-hop today forces you to get past something. In this case, it’s not a bad thing. New music is frequently about struggle and hustling. There is trap rap, disrespectful rap (the stuff that demeans women under the guise of club bangers) and then there’s just stuff that makes you scratch your head while you listen to it. The only thing I had to get past here is the album cover. I saw this a few years back, but then Snoop Dogg/Lion reintroduced me to the song because he posted on his Youtube show Underground Heat.

Judah Getem is about uplifting the movement and music of Hip-Hop. Judah is out of San Diego, where the most famous emcee is Jayo Felony and Mitchy Slick. In short San Diego doesn’t really have an identity outside of emcees who are about “that” life. If I’m wrong correct me. Judah stands as one of those emcees that lacks a region. It’s like OutKast, they are from the south, but the music is universal and powerful. It’s also like Common who kind of defies his Chicago roots in grabbing a share of the mainstream market. Am I comparing this one single to two greats… Yes.

When I listened to the lyrics, I heard Tupac, mixed with Scarface and a return to storytelling and building. The beat feels like a combination of Premo and Kanye and the lyrics remind me of early Wu Tang in that it stresses the importance of being careful about the type of lyrics being laid on a track. There isn’t a lot out there about the emcee beyond a Facebook page and this Youtube page, but you should definitely Get To Know Judah Getem. In my estimate, I guess the name stands for an emcee who has summoned the strength of the Lion of Judah to resurrect Hip-Hop. Yeah, I kinda like that.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The emcee is calling on any people who have heard him to take the time to download a copy of Closed Caption. In his words, “This is my chance to make more positive music. Closed Caption is my Kickstarter. I need that extra push that the people can give me by downloading the song and then telling a friend to tell a friend, to tell a friend to download the single.”

Download this single and let’s get some music from Judah!

This dude deserves to finish this album. Download Closed Caption so we can get more of this.

Get To Know: Anthony David…How Did I Miss This?

1360101773231_mobileLargeDude is dope. End of the blog post. Click the link below and buy his shit. Okay I got that out of the way. Seriously. This guy has been around for over a decade and I pride myself on finding music and writing something about it just to kind of get my my “Music Snobs” on… although I really don’t do this enough, I really like finding new music. So I’m sitting around using Bing to search for stuff about sneakers for ARCH and I’m going through my bookmarks and I see Anthony David’s name.

Now because I’ve taken a lot of time away from Social Media and running across things I’ve had on the shelf for a while. When I use Facebook, I don’t browse very well. I literally lose the essence of what the internet was created for, knowledge. I hadn’t gone through my bookmarks in years. I don’t even remember bookmarking it. It could have been a year ago, it could have been 5 years ago since I migrate my bookmarks when I get a new computer, but the problem is I hadn’t written anything. Usually when I do get around to the artist, the artist doesn’t have a million views on any videos. More important an artist with a million views is usually in the mainstream in some kind of way so I would have heard about him or saw his stuff somewhere on my timeline… But guess what? I hadn’t. I mean I haven’t seen anyone in my timeline share his work and once again, dude is dope. Which speaks more to my timeline… all of you have failed me. Stop sharing fights, corny ass jokes and shit, and share some good music. I can say that over and over again, but the only way for you to feel this like I do is to drop a video here, share some links and make sure you follow him. Oh, and do what I do with Bing, use it to search so you can rack up points and use it to get free Amazon gift cards to buy music if you’re cheap, or just come up off of that Five Guys money and pick up something by an artist that has dropped gems for almost a decade.

Big up Anthony David!


Anthony David’s website: Okay I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t write this part. I want to read your blog, but you are using white print on a dark background. That creates burn in and I won’t stay on your site very long if it hurts my eyes. There is a reason most sites have dark print on light backgrounds. Fix that. Also your site doesn’t have a title on the tab, come on Rolling Mojo. Make this site a bit more readable at least the most important thing is there, links to the music for purchase. Then again as a small biz person at least sign up for Amazon Advantage and link your albums so you can earn ad revenue from those who use that site to buy. Especially since I’m not buying directly from you on the site. Oh second part… at the bottom of the page on your twitter link, it shoots me to some random spam twitter so I had to find your twitter which is correct below.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/anthonydavidatl

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anthonydavidmusic?ref=hl

Oh if you like the video up there ^^^^ click on this below and buy the album. You can also click his name on the page when you go to it to search for more music, or just buy through all of his links on the site. Get To Know: Anthony David.


Get To Know: carlitta durand

IBGWID_+(2)It seems that more often than not, I end up buying and supporting music by the Foreign Exchange family. I mean look through these Get To Know features and you find Zo!, FE+, and Jeanne Jolly.

I guess it kind of all boils down to supporting independent artists. Actually it all all boils down to great music. With the ability to record, there is music all over the place. That doesn’t mean that it’s good. I’m at the point now where I am attempting to buy (NOTE I SAID BUY! Stop downloading and riding around listening only to soundcloud and spotify and buy some shit) good music at least 1 album a week or at least every two weeks.

It helps when you follow a lot of music artists on Facebook (shout out Nicolay for sharing this release today). Carlitta Durand is dope. I don’t want to spend a bunch of time getting into bios and all of that, so make sure you visit her site, peep her videos, and follow her on Twitter. Oh, watch this video from her new releaseFind A Way, and then click this link and buy I’ll Be Gorgeous When I Die with one click from Amazon or hit her site and support her directly. Get To Know Carlitta Durand like I am right now while doing my Sunday cleaning.