About CBP

CBP was officially founded in 1999. Unofficially it began the moment I went to my first poetry reading. I became inspired to write and that quickly turned into the creation of my first novella. I was playing college basketball at San Diego City College, but the arts took over my life. In time I transferred to SDSU to complete my BA in English. While I was enrolled at San Diego State University, like most college students I was unsure of my direction, but I had a community in the Gallery 504. I hosted the Open Mic Poetry Night at the Gallery. That moment in time became cemented in San Diego lore as one of the dopest open mics in Southern California. Many of the poets were looking to publish and I was writing a lot of books so I decided to launch my publishing imprint.

Since that time I’ve written and published other writers as well as published my own work. It’s been an amazing time that gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of fantastic writers and artists. CBP became a small record label and continues to operate.

In April 2018 this website got a virus that was redirecting to other sites. I had to erase the entire site and start all over from scratch. Over 15 years of information was lost. It’s okay though because now I get to start all over and rebuild. I’ve learned that rebuilding creates better opportunities. Thanks for visiting the site and check back often as the new CBP site begins to take shape.


Chris B.