Help! I Need Love: 4 Reasons to Watch New Show for Single Moms on ABC Hosted by Paul C. Brunson – Moms 'N Charge®

Hey y’all! I am absolutely thrilled to share this news with you! If you’ve missed my posts all over social media, then you’ve missed the news about a new show for single moms coming to ABC THIS Saturday night! And what I’m truly excited about is that my bro, Paul C. Brunson is hosting this show. While Paul is well-known for being the first black matchmaker (and darn good and what he does), he is so much more than that! He is a mentor, entrepreneur, & television host. He is a husband, father, friend and overall great guy. I was first connected with Paul when I was writing for Black and Married With Kids (where I got to interview him and his beautiful wife, Jill and break the news about their second pregnancy). I found out about his Mentor Monday show (that I had the pleasure of being on) on Spreecast and then continued to follow him from there. Then he started doing his live event called We Start Up for Entrepreneurs and I got to collaborate with my girl, Ella Rucker to speak at that event. For as long as I’ve known Paul, I’ve known him to truly be the …

Source: Help! I Need Love: 4 Reasons to Watch New Show for Single Moms on ABC Hosted by Paul C. Brunson – Moms ‘N Charge®
While I haven’t written a lot about PCB on the site in a while, I’ve been working hard on ARCH, I still consider PCB a mentor and a person who found the time in a busy schedule to interview me and share my information at a critical time in my business.
I hadn’t seen this information about Paul’s new show which will air tomorrow on ABC. I’m writing this with a link to Moms N Charge and I’m sharing the most important information because every little bit helps. His pilot episode will air tomorrow and if you know anything at all about television Saturday night is an extremely difficult time slot to gain any traction. Here are the most important aspects you should know:

There are 4 ways to help:

1) Set your DVR or TIVO to record ABC May 27th at 10p ET (it will be listed as either 20/20 or Help! I Need Love). If you live in country that doesn’t get ABC, please download the app and watch that way.
2) Host a watch party! If you plan on hosting a launch party with 20 or more people, Paul will personally call in to thank you and everyone for attending. Please email if you plan to host a party.
3) Become an ambassador for the show! It will take less than an hour of your time and will be very helpful. Please follow this link to join us. We have an amazing leader in Kaywanda Lamb (The Winning Single Mom) and a great team ready to mobilize.
4) When sharing anywhere on social media: Please use #INeedLove and tag Paul and ABCNetworks. We want them to see how much we all stand behind and support this project!

That’s it y’all! Share the love and get ready to watch something incredible happen this Saturday night!

11th Annual Black Pack Party @ Clyde Frazier’s May 31, 2017

We are hosting the 11th Anniversary Black Pack Party on the evening of Wednesday, May 31st. It is shaping up to be a wonderful celebration and we are looking forward to seeing you there!

Source: 11th Annual Black Pack Party @ Clyde Frazier’s May 31, 2017
An FYI for those of you savvy enough to get a plane ticket to NYC and an Air BnB, the annual Black Pack Party is happening and as always it’s a great event to get up close and personal with agents and authors if you’re an aspiring writer or if you simply want to network. Use the source link to read more.

Memphis Hi-Lites: Memphis Makes a Bet on Unlikely Philanthropists—Millennials | #50StatesofArt

YAP Members at the Young Collectors Contemporary Opening Night Party. Photo Credit: Yasmine Omari

How a Tennessee nonprofit is leveraging the financial and social influence of young professionals to boost the Memphis arts community.

Source: Memphis Makes a Bet on Unlikely Philanthropists—Millennials | #50StatesofArt
I was browsing Vice and discovered this post, and realized there was something that I hadn’t even seen although I live here in Memphis and have memberships to local art museums.

Whitney Hardy, Founder and Executive Director of Young Arts Patrons. Photo Credit: Justin Fox Burks

The Young Arts Patrons immediately earns a place in my Memphis Hi-Lites. Take a moment to click through and read the source link from Creators. A very big thank you for the work you’re doing Whitney. Very important work!
Visit YAP’s website